What does it feel like Travelling to the Past? Not much different than travelling to Tokyo!

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These shots were taken in a cute neighbourhood of Tokyo, a place in the middle of a huge modern metropolis, still maintaining a very typical and traditional Japanese style. This is a big contrast with the more urban areas of the city.

Being in Bunkyō, a special ward of Tokyo, almost makes us feel like we've gone back in time, to the 60's or something like that. At least that's how I've felt while wandering through streets like this.


I know there are criminals in Tokyo, just like in any big city. However, when walking through the Nezu neighbourhood of Bunkyō, it feels like everyone is very trusting. This is a residential are where people leave all kinds of things on the street, bicycles, tools, bags, shovels, you name it. You see open doors, everyone smiling... and not the slightest cloud of fear in the air.


These four bicycles were stored in a garage of a small apartment building and the doors were wide open. It's not like they didn't have doors to protect the bikes, they simply weren't using them.

A bit ahead, another pack of bicycles was left outside...


The owner of this bike was so unworried that he or she didn't even bother to take the purse inside. It was on the bike, on the street, with no one watching it.


This is one of my favourite parts of the city. I could sense that, in this entire neighbourhood, people know and trust each other a lot more than in most parts of the civilised world.

All the streets are super clean, without a piece of garbage on the floor. The community really cares about keeping everything neat and tidy, always ready for a postcard picture.

CameraXiaomi Redmi 3
LocationTokyo - Japan
Photos4 (Edited with GIMP)

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Thank you for sharing your good photos on that street in Tokyo. I like your comment Safety and security are so important these days, that anyone would like to move to that place.

Yes, I'm sure that's a good neighbourhood to live. 😉
Thanks for stopping by!

Great log as a dutchie I love my bike hahaha did you know we have more bikes than people here in the Netherlands !
And please I think you will fit in really well please join

I loved Amsterdam but I have very few photos taken there. At the time I was young and more interested in finding some entertainment. Eh eh! 😎

I'll check out the contest, but you guys usually have more rules than what I like to follow. 😂

Yes the rule are fierce

Wonderful country, everything is clean, no paper in the street... and secure as you said. And the food is delicious. I have to go back.

Yes, but this is only a part of town, most of Tokyo isn't like this. At all.
Thanks for you comment.

Two years ago, I spent a few days in the neighborhood of Asakusa and it was also clean (despite many tourists :-) ) ... I even saw a granny picked up a cigarette butt in the street with his chopsticks to put it to the trash !

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The past can bring either bad memories or happy moments, but nevertheless we are meant to remember it in order not to make the same mistakes again. Only this way we can be better!

Thanks for your visit and comment, @cryptorg!

I've heard that Japan is so clean, not even a single garbage in the street! But having seen your photos is a huge proof that it's really true!

I think that the place you visited has a 0 crime rate! They just leave their things outside, knowing that everybody else are honest and would never take something that doesn't belong to them. 💕 Such a cool place. A good one to visit!

Thank you for taking ug there. 😊😊

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I didn’t understand.
Are you in Tokyo?

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Not right now. I was there in February last year.

😂 понял

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Wow! I think Japan is safe, clean and well organized. I haven't been there, but that's the impression I get from others who have been there. Thanks for sharing. I think it might be an intesting country to visit :)

It sure is. It's a pity the plane ride is so long... 😐

Waw,nice and amazing tokyo situation traveling. Me like it

Thanks for your visit and comment!

It is so rare nowadays to see a place where everyone does not have to worry about their property being stolen and have a sense of trust within the community.

Yes, that is becoming a rarity, these days. Many thanks for your sweet comment. 😉

😂 понял

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  ·  7 months ago Reveal Comment

It really is. But some parts are cleaner than others. 😂
Thanks for your visit.