Ice-cream or Hot chocolate?

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Heya everyone wassup,


What do you like about the weekend? I don't know about anyone But let me tell you what do i like to do. Mostly I'd prefer to stay at home until unless there is not a mindblown offer for a weekend. You and your room and snuggle up on the couch in front of a room heater and using laptop watching your favourite Reality show, or movie or anything that you like.

But then there is dinner time and mama is calling you for dinner :P and you don't like what she cooked:XD. I want to mention here i can only eat unhealthy food when we go out. At home, you can only eat healthy food. Well, among all the healthy food i love mama's hand made a vegetable salad. I love this salad because of boiled corns XD.

She made chicken curry today so i put some chicken curry on the salad and that's it. My dinner is done n dusted. I took a picture to show my friend see what i am eating but while writing this post i thought let me share with y'all as well.


Simple dinner but wait.....

you guys might have been thinking about my first shared image so yea twist is i just had this few minutes ago :P XD

After so much healthy dinner then so much unhealthy ice cream😂 yes level of craziness. I had 2 choices either i had to have hot chocolate or an ice-cream i chose ice cream because the current temperature of my city is 12C° not so cold you can enjoy your favourite ice-cream at your favourite cafe.

Usually, i like Butlers Chocolate Cafe because of 3 epic desserts. Hot chocolate Lava cake. death by chocolate and their yummlicious cheese pastry.

In the above picture, you're seeing an ice-cream which is low-fat frozen and low- sugar, drizzled with chocolate syrup and wafers. Ice-cream was too smooth not too much sweet but very delicious. The next item you are seeing is Butlers Chocos signature wafer cookies drizzled with chocolate syrup and served with whipped cream. Most of the time I take pictures to show my bestie because she needs to know every single bit about what I am doing :P.

I am posting them here because I didn't have anything to post 😂 no inspiration for any post. Give me some sunshine give me some rain give me another chance let me writ a post😂 see ya

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