Picking up STEEM - #19 - Auto-claim and Auto-stake STEEM-Engine Tokens

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Sharing some knowledge to improve quality of life for your STEEM-Engine token experience. Making it easier to claim all and stake all STEEM-engine tokens and rewards.


For the last few months, once a week (if I remember) I would repeat the same routine. Going to STEEM-engine, clicking rewards, clicking the claim button, logging in to STEEM Keychain, clicking the claim button 4-9 more times. Waiting for each transaction to go through. 

And then I am only half way done. The next step is to go through all the tokens and clicking the lock icon to stake, click the current balance to populate the amount to stake, click the Stake button, wait for transaction to go through. Repeat for all tokens that allow staking and have non-zero balance.

As you can see it takes a long time and a lot of clicks!

I recently found a better way. A much better way.

The first part uses @ScotAuto, a service created by @blockchainstudio. This service will check once per hour and automatically  claim your tokens. In order to set it up you have to authorize @scotauto as a posting authority for your account and register by following @blockchainstudio. More detailed instructions can be found at [https://economicstudio.github.io/scotauto/](https://economicstudio.github.io/scotauto/).

So scotauto handles half of the routine, auto-claim. Lets look at the other half, auto-staking next.

Auto-staking is possible using a script created by @holger80. You need to be comfortable with using a terminal/command line for this one. Basically you set up a local beem wallet first. Then update the Python script to list the tokens you want to claim. Last run the script, it will let you preview the transaction and approve it before it sends. Once approved, script will send a consolidated staking transaction to the Steem blockchain for all of the tokens at once.

Here‘s @holger80’s post with the instructions and Python code. [https://steemit.com/scot/@holger80/how-to-stake-all-scot-at-once](https://steemit.com/scot/@holger80/how-to-stake-all-scot-at-once)

stake_all_scot.py still needs to be run manually, it’s not fully automated. But, it is much better than clicking a dozen times on the steem-engine page. So, it makes me more efficient for my use case. The claim all, stake all tokens use case.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps make things easier for STEEM-engine users.

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