[GAME CLOSED] Draw three mystic cards #7

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It's time to gamble again.... so let's play card's with the solar powered playcard bot!

I drew the following mystic cards...

8 6 4

...with a total score of 18 ( Card 18 + Bonus 0 )

Try your luck and beat me!
You can win with the simple draw of three cards. Upvote this post and we will find out!

The game is simple... here the rules:

  • upvote value (minimum upvote worth 0.001$) determines the amount of your shares.
  • do NOT upvote in the first 4 minutes.
  • higher upvotes bring you more shares.
  • if you draw higher then the bot, you win!
  • a pair give 5 points bonus.
  • a triple give 10 point bonus.
  • every 0.001 upvote weight guarantees 1 share.

What you can win?

  • After the post is payed out, 100% of the liquid payout will be divided among the winners according to shares.
  • Currently 5% of the post payout is donated to charities or projekts. We are currently donating @homeless-city
  • There is one more 5% slot free for a charitable projekt... so if you know good charitable projekt which need support, write me.
  • All in all you will get the normal curation for your upvote + a chance to win the liquid authors reward!

Like the game? You can find all open an closed games under #playcard

ECO Sustainability

  • playcard is running on a raspberry pi with ssd and backup
  • Fully solar powered!!!
  • Battery: 2 x 12V 124Ah from the scrap yard with 85% remaining capacity
  • Victron Energy charge controller
  • and a grafana dashboard
  • more pictures will follow i a seperate playcard introduction post



If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions for improvement or want to report a bug, please do so here:
Discord: https://discord.gg/cyWthf


Game stats

Post Upvotes21
Invalid Upvotes11
Valid Upvotes10
Payout Pot0.062 HBD

Here are the winners!

@chunkysoupsvc22 from bonus 50.062$5 5 7

Here are the unlucky one's

@courtneyjensen18 from bonus 04 8 6
@daniella61915 from bonus 56 2 2
@eirik17 from bonus 06 9 2
@frugalgamer17 from bonus 58 2 2
@mimismartypants18 from bonus 06 9 3
@pardinus15 from bonus 52 4 4
@ralph-rennoldson15 from bonus 52 2 6
@thejbullfrog14 from bonus 04 3 7
@votebetting13 from bonus 53 2 3

Diqualified, vote to early

@laissez-faire0.7 min
@limka0.1 min
@toni.curation0.1 min

Diqualified, missed vote value


Blacklisted, mostly for technical accounts



playcard is now finally set up. In the next few days there will be the first winners and payouts. So if you not only want to throw pixresteemer dice but also to draw a few cards, check out @playcards, the system is very similar.

Please don't be angry with me, I mentioned you here because I saw that I regularly take part in the pixdiceroll. There will be no further mentions either.

@votebetting @traciyork @citizensmith @sandymeyer @roleerob @pixelfan @reddust @chronocrypto @ninahaskin @johannpiber @enforcer48 @pele23 @pardinus @arcange @ganjafarmer @l337m45732 @chunkysoupsvc @hive-169313 @justclickindiva @andy4475 @sammie @hive-108278 @khan.dayyanz @daniella619 @hivebuilderteam @mys @courtneyjensen @whd @mimismartypants @elderson @julian2013 @cornavirus @ddn688 @fengchao @martial.media @trumpman @ssjsasha @deerjay @tattoodjay @gidlark @kevmcc @jlufer

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Nice lets play cards!

Yeah, good luck!

Shit game
I will never play this shit again. Ever