Confessions Of A Steemit Addict! - Comical Original Poem - Enjoy with Troy!

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This funny cartoon I found inspired me to write a funny poem for those who may be hooked on Steemit. His wife thinks he is think about another woman, when his mind is on cryptos. This one is for you buddy. Get some sleep!


Here I sit in the dead of night
Blogging on steemit is my delight.
If only I had the brains to sleep,
But I'm hooked on feeds and way in deep.
I sit and write and think and post.
Tomorrow morning my ass is toast.
So I shall force myself to bed,
and dream of posting in my head.

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We laughed a lot with my wife.

Glad you enjoyed it my friend. Blessings.


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This is spot on! AHAHAHHAHA Laughing my hearts out.

Gee I meant to keep it a secret! LOL Blessings.


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