A Little Time to Rhyme - Poem compilation Jan -July 2020

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✏️A Little Time to Rhyme✏️

So there has been a lot going on in my life and I haven't quite been able to post up to speed like I used to.

Over my previous absense from January I collected a lot of poetry and my first drafts are usually on notebook paper - So I figured it was about time to edit them up and publish. These 3 are more recent and kind of give an idea of some emotions I'm going through right now.

I do hope you enjoy!

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]Bullshit In Disguise[

Telling lie after lie; you think that it's the only way you'll get to sneak by..

Why did I continue to believe in what you promised me?
I knew the very reason for it was concocted in your mind.

Oh laugh at my stupid, but if your lie was for real then it's you who 4North 'aught to steal..

Promises no longer protect from the wounds,
They end up leaving all sorts of thoughts in the mind
They are only as good as the mind.

Broken promises are just the same as lies - so easy to find and do nothing but postpone the cries.

I found myself still trying to help you out of a bind - all the while at the same time knowing from the start everything was just a lie.

]Blew It[

Bubbles Blazing Blue in Disguise Wondering how the Flowers Died..
Left in distraught, the lines depicting your heart.

Blue Diamonds travelled far from the bed, going topsy turvy, I knew what was said.

Billowing clouds left over the moononce they drifted away hearts got left in two.

Betternow than when you left me in three, twice this time you won't be charming me.

]Wishful Thinking[

All for You
Nervous you'll turn my heart blue, so sorry for this, I tried to listen to you.
Told me exactly what you wanted to do,
Feeling did what they wanted to do.

Wanting to be special to you,
Wishful thinking,
Such a clown for wondering if you'll keep me around..

Wondering if your thoughts still want me tied and bound.._


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