GIVEN (an original poetry)

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That was me when you left
When I realized you're never coming back
That what we had will just be memories
Memories that will slowly fade as the world continues to turn

Could no longer feel anything
No laughters... not even tears
Everything was just numb... everything seems bleak
You're no longer by my side
You went on on your own and left me alone

A feeling embracing me to my core
I couldn't sleep... it's hard to breathe
I just wanna runaway and scream
But even if I did... it wouldn't bring you back

It has turned into fear
A painful feeling that crushes my being
My heart bleeds... I'm in the verge of falling irrevocably
I can feel my blood flow slowly halting

The word I couldn't say
I regretted that..
If only I could bring back time, so I could tell you properly
That I loved you with all of me
That your existence mattered
That you're one of a kind, priceless

That's what I'm supposed to work on
To accept that you're no longer here, but will forever stay
That the tomorrows I'll be experiencing will be different
And that you want me to live on for both of us
Your dreams, I'll carry with me
You might not be here anymore...
But one day, someday, I will be where you are


I still couldn't get over the anime I watched the other night and last night. During my breaks (since I have 30 min break every after one hour of classes), I try to watch some episodes of various anime. For the past two nights, I tried to watch the anime called GIVEN. It's actually a BL (Boy's Love) anime. It was so painful to watch but I survived.

I'll be reviewing the said anime soon, so I could express my opinion more. For now, I just want everyone to know that this poem is inspired by that anime. It was Kurushii, Kanashii, Sabishii... (painful, sad and lonely)

I hope you enjoyed the poem although it's not a happy one. See you!

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Maka kanta man sad tag...

"Ibuhos na ang beer sa aking lalamunan~!"

Undangi na nang mga hilak hilak na anime. Heeeeee

Halaaaaaa~!!! palahubog ahh... xDD

Geh lang gd.. once in a while.. pero bsan dli hilak2 nga anime, makahilak man japon q.. huhu~