Donald Trump Cut From Home Alone 2? Phoenix & Golden Gate Ritual

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Yesterday, on 12/26/19, the news about Donald Trump being cut out of the movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York spread like wildfire amongst the political groups, further widening the schism of left and right. This event on exactly that day was an astrotheology ritual, connecting to Osiris and the Golden Gate, as well as the Phoenix coding of 2019/2020. This is part of Kabbalah magic, to create a certain outcome with numerology, astrology, symbolism and predictive programming.

Here is a report by CBS about this news:

And one from fellow Steemian @theouterlight:


Osiris & Golden Gate Ritual

From Home Alone 2 release to Trump being cut out 1414w.PNG

From the Home Alone 2 release in the US to Trump being cut out was a span of 1414 weeks.


The number 14 represents Osiris, the god of fertility, agriculture, the afterlife, the dead, resurrection, life, and vegetation in ancient Egyptian religion. He was cut into 14 pieces by his rival brother Set and his wife (and sister) Isis recovered 13 of these pieces, missing his phallus. She created a golden phallus instead and used magic to revive Osiris for one night, in which Osiris impregnated her with Horus, the sun god.

Sidenote: The phallus of Osiris is symbolized by the various obelisks in Rome, Paris, London and Washington, among many other places.

Further, Osiris even equals the number 14 in Greek Gematria:

14 Osiris Greek.PNG

Osiris is the god of the dead and the afterlife, which fits the overlap for 14, equaling "dead" in several Gematria ciphers.

14 dead.PNG

Yesterday, the day of the news about the Trump edit in Home Alone 2, we had a fascinating astrological alignment: The Sun was conjunct with Jupiter and the Moon in Sagittarius, the home of Jupiter, representing the expansion of the mind and higher knowledge.

Sun Moon Jupiter conjunction in Sag with Mercury at 266°.jpg

Later that day, Mercury (aka Hermes, Hermes Trismegistus, Thoth - bringer of knowledge about Astrology, Alchemy and Magic), entered the 266° of the ecliptic. That is the position of the Golden Gate, also called the Gate of God, ruled by Osiris and excarnation point for souls in the afterlife. The Golden Gate points to the central black hole of the Milky Way galaxy and is highly worshiped by the elites.


Example: Pope Francis, born with the Sun at the Golden Gate, was (s)elected as the 266th pope on 3/13/13 - which in prime numbers is 2/6/6.

You can learn much more about the Golden Gate and Pope Francis rituals on my Appics account @flauwy.apx.

This year, we had 9/19/19, which is 6 years, 6 months and 6 days after Pope Francis (s)election. Well, from that day to yesterday were exactly 14 weeks.

From 91919 to Donald Trump Home Alone 2 cut were 14w.PNG

Donald Trump was born with the Moon close to the Golden Gate (260°) and the Sun at the Silver Gate (other side of the ecliptic, ruled by Isis). Later that same day was a total lunar eclipse, with the Moon exactly at the Golden Gate.

Trump birth 6141946 Moon 260° Golden Gate.jpg
Donald Trump's birth on 6/14/1946 in New York


Macaulay Culkin & The Phoenix

Macaulay Culkin.jpg

Macaulay Culkin, star of the Home Alone movies, was born on the 239th day of the year (during a leap year).

Macaulay Culkin 239.jpg

239 Golden Gate.PNG

What makes the ritual from yesterday even more clear, is the fact, that Macaulay Culkin turned exactly 472 months.

From Macaulay Culkin birth to Donald Trump Home Alone cut were 472m.PNG

This equals the "Phoenix", which was the most dominant coding during the entire year. You can also find more about that on @flauwy.apx.

472 Phoenix.PNG

The Phoenix coding started already with the 1988 cover of The Economist, predicting a digital world currency for 2018, with the Eagle/Phoenix standing on burning cash. It didn't came true - yet.

The Economist World Currency 1988 2008 Phoenix.jpg

"Game of Thrones", the most successful TV show of all times, was culminating this year, starting the final season on Leonardo's birthday (it premiered 4/14 in the evening US time, which was already 4/15 in Europe.

APX Leonardo Da Vinci Game of Thrones Phoenix.jpg

That day was Leonardo DaVinci's 567th birthday, on 4/15/19 - the day of the Notre Dame fire. The age of 567 was heavily coded and points to the significance of this year 2019-2020. This and the fact that Da Vinci is now 500 years dead - the lifespan of a phoenix! Here is my info chart about that phenomenon (read more):

APX Leonardo Da Vinci 567.jpg


Home Alone 2 And The World Trade Center

I made actually an entire post this year about Home Alone 2 and its numerology connecting to Trump. Besides the Trump cameo, the World Trade Center was featured in a rooftop-scene. There are many 9/11 connections with both the movie as well as with Trump in general. Read more about the details from the info chart below in the according post.

Me making that post earlier this year adds to the endless mystery of everything, another synchromysticism for me.


The Fresh Prince of BelAir & Donald Trump

While we are at it, let's look at another number magic with Trump and TV appearances: As mentioned in the above video from CBS, Trump also appeared in The Fresh Prince of BelAir as himself. That was in season 4, episode 25, giving us a 425 to check for numerology.

The Fresh Prince of BelAir S04E25  For Sale by Owner Donald Trump.PNG

Well, you cannot make that stuff up: In Hebrew, the origin of Gematria, and native tongue of Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, "Donald Trump" equals 425.

425 Donald Trump Hebrew.PNG


Are you still a coincidence theorist?

You don't have to believe in magic but they certainly do. The question is, what does that all really mean? One can only speculate and I doubt we will truly understand it before the original intend of that magic spell has unfolded eventually. I wonder what events are still ahead of us, before the 567th year of Leonardo ends on April 15, 2020. According to astrology forecasts, the year 2020 will be remembered for years to come.

That being said, I wish you all a fantastic new year, full of love and wonder. Because YOU are the creator of your creatrix!


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