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I think it goes without saying that I am in love with my work. And this new trend of decorating cakes with paper flowers, and therefore making paper flowers is something that I also like.


Yesterday I spent part of the day making this letter with foami and cardboard. I loved the flowers.


I made this beautiful cake to celebrate the birthday of the grandmother of a best friends. We live super close and I feel part of my friend's family and when making the cake I felt I was making it for my own grandmother.

What I loved most about this cake is that I uploaded it on my Instagram page and it has had many likes and has shared the image in various accounts. It is incredible to see everything that I have improved and that each time the cakes look better.

I hope I can make more cakes of this style because they seem beautiful to me. If this year I also make you a birthday cake @melinda010100 I hope to do something like that. Well they seem so beautiful to me.


This was the beautiful birthday girl. Which I love her birthday cake, hopefully God bless her and give her many more years of life. Sometimes the best payment for a cake is to see a smile and know that they appreciate my work.


Pero picar esta torta debe ser un delito. Que belleza

Oh! It turned out beautifully, Denisse! I can imagine how happy she was. Now you have me looking forward to my birthday to see what you come up with! ❤️

It felt so good to give that cake to granny, she thanked me and started crying. In recent days I have been able to see how good it is to help and give to others. I think I already have a good idea for your birthday, in less than we realize it will be your birthday. I think your cake will be yellow, I know you like that color. Too bad you can't eat it but it makes me very happy to make a cake for you even if it's in the distance.

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You have made a lovely job of the cake and also those flowers. You are very artistic Denisse!

Thank you dear, I do what I am passionate about, and it shows in the final result.

It certainly does Denisse.

It looks beautiful Denisse.

My dear Wanda thanks so much💕