Garden Refresh Planting


End of Summer, Time For Fall Planting

Today's Harvest: Those two squash... the small one is definitely Spaghetti Squash... not sure about the larger, and I had NO CHOICE, but to pick them. the vine died. The two of them were growing from the same seed packet, but not they ARE NOT same species. Near as I can tell, sometimes this small seed co. has a seed from a different plant stuck in the seed sorting/counting machine. We shall see.

Garden Refresh Planting!

Below I cut out the old Zucchini and Squash Plants, they have no more buds and seem to have stopped producing! I started Zucchini Seeds a few weeks ago, and now, time to transplant into the garden.



Above As I mentioned earlier, the Squash vies seem to have died off. Or, at least, all but one. I pulled them, refreshed the soil, and transplanted the Pickling Cucumber into the old Squash pots.

Below Speaking of Cukes, these Straight 8 Cucumber are at a weird place. the three large cukes were picked last week, and being used. BUT, there are no close to being ready buds, or fruit. Patience, I know, but...All that I see are a dozen or so, of these small 1 inch fruit:


Below the lettuces are doing well. Lots of good Buttercrunch. some Roamine, and leaf Romaine. AND the Arugula is coming in nicely.




Above the Sweet Bell Pepper and the Sunbright Yellow Sweet Pepper are also almost at harvest.
Below Speaking of Pepper, the Banana Pepper are still producing! AND NOTE: The one remaining Spaghetti Squash is doing well, too. Growing bigger all the time.


Below The Sweet white onion has been a success, I've grabbed a few. Along with a few of the Red Onion.


Above Chives, to the left, some Red Beard Bunching Onion top of the pot, and some smaller Red Onion.

Below Lastly, the fall peas are planted, and trellising up now. It wont be long before I am back to picking some golden peas or snow peas.


I've always said, my garden isn't as much about what I grow, but more about the fact that I am growing my OWN food for friends, and family. Fresh ignredients, home grown, and freshly picked is my goal.

Garden Fresh Food for Friends and Family.

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Here's a quick RECAP post about Last Year's Garden

Bluefin Studios


Bluefin Studios is a photographer, specializing in wildlife, nature, landscapes, waterfalls and Lighthouses!

Always, I strive to give back

To the animals and birds around me

to put more plants in than I take out

And be a good steward for the world around me!

All Photos by Bluefin Studios unless specified.

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That is one cool garden. Voted on behalf of the Neoxian city paper.

Posted via | The City of Neoxian


This is fantastic! Your veg look great. Love the squash! I grew very similar to you last year :-) Mine did well last summer but this year never really got off the ground as firstly I was struggling with shoulder pain (long story with rotator cuff and capsulitis issues ...finally almost resolved) that prevented me from doing much in the way of gardening this year :-( and then what little I did put in my propagators which gave lovely little seedlings, ended up drowned out in the rain or dried up in the heat as I wasn't able to tend to them much. I do have a pink lady apple sapling from last year lockdown planting which is doing ok still and have some Gem Squash growing but I fear they may not get very big this year as my first seed batch died off (I think I mistakenly used an old batch of seeds) so I had to do a replanting. I guess BIGBARN will have me back as a Gem Squash customer again this year :-) and I can save some seeds to get going properly next year. I plan to set up a little greenhouse to accommodate my seedlings next season too as I can't have them occupying every window sill and square inch of kitchen floor available lol. My hubby loves the eventual fresh veg output but the tripping over my potted seedlings...not so much 😂 Do you grow your seedlings in a greenhouse? My chillies did well last year too, especially the jalopenos ... yum!!! 😋 Hope you continue to get nice crops. Keep sharing.


Seedlings grow in my basement while there's still snow on the ground:



If you look at the Links, there's a series of posts showcasing literally step by step, my seeds, to planting, germinating, transplanting outside, and then the entire garden!

Towards the top are even a few gardening posts that are more recipe and foodie posts, wiht my fresh ingredients!

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And your goals is the best, family and friends is what we are live for, nevertheless, your pepper is such nice and seeing how you organize your farm and the plants in it, is so amazing and I love it, your works in the farm is very good and encouraging.