Fried or raw fish?

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Are you the type of person who loves to eat raw fish? Or just like to eat fried fish?

Each one has its own way of eating fish, there is a way to make it fried, roasted or simply eat it raw, there are people who prefer to eat it raw while others prefer it roasted or fried.

Certainly, the raw nutrients are all preserved, but there is one species that is more suitable for preparation, such as salmon, tilapia and hake, due to the milder flavor of the meat, but it is worth remembering that they should be selected with the same care for raw consumption.

Fish made fried, on the other hand, is not as healthy as it is fried, and may in the future bring some damage to health, such as cardiovascular problems.

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But let's be honest... there's nothing better than eating a fried fish, the taste is unmatched.


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