What is your opinion about tattooing?

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It is said that tattooing is a great way for people to express their feelings, and impose certain tributes on loved ones. Also as a way to mark certain moments in our lives. Being something very personal and very refined taste for some while for others a little more extravagant.

But tattooing is not well regarded by the majority of society, many people suffer some kind of prejudice or discrimination because of tattooing, while others are totally rejected.

Of course, the bad thing about getting a tattoo is that if you do it and regret it and feel like erasing it, you'll need a lot of money for it, and the procedure is also very expensive and painful, but there are still those who prefer to simply transform the design into another covering the old design he no longer likes.

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It's a fact that you can't generalize... taste is not discussed.


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