Fulfilled Some More Orders

in #quarantine5 months ago

I got a few more orders that need to be fulfilled because the first batch of mangoes and calamansi citrus that we harvested are all sold which made me happy despite the long day we had then. Some of our friends placed twice their regular order because transportation is still a struggle despite the modifications on the quarantine guidelines
See the logo on this plastic bags reminds me of Hive hahaha
Today we went back to my sister in law to get some more mangoes and calamansi. The previous stock of ripe mangoes are about to get overripe now so we thought we should pick those that are a bit unripe to extend their shelf life that would explain why we got green mangoes on these containers
As usual we peddle these online and received a few orders and fulfilled the previous ones. It was a productive day. Thank God for his blessings and grace. Despite the quarantine we manage to be productive relying on our own efforts rather than complaining and blaming the government or other people. How about you my friends how are you doing?

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