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RE: Arepas (part-1) Breakfast of the Gods. || Arepas (parte-1) Desayuno de Dioses.

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Damn - that looks AMAZING and now I'm hungry here in Thailand! The combination of spinach and cheese is a totally SACRED thing!

Yes, posting recipes and thinking though your flow etc etc TAKES AGES! 🤣 I also notice how many little details in the cooking process we take for granted and need to EXPLAIN.

A griddle. LOL. Not a way of cooking in Thailand at all. I'm going to have to see how I can improvise one.




I think I have something in common with Thailand, I also think spinach and cheese are sacred things.

You can replace the griddle with some non-stick pan as flat as possible.
But you maybe You'll have to make small ones to take advantage of the surface or make one at a time 🥴

haha... you made me laugh. But spinach and cheese sacred in Greece and the middle eats and many other places.

We don't use non stick cookware at home - EVER. Very bad for your health!! But a good seasoned cast iron skillet works well.

Thinking about that - or maybe getting a griddle plate made for our Thai BBQ.

Wow. I will read about it because I never heared that before and I will try to take the advice

Please do. Non stick cookware containing TEFLON is cancer-causing stuff. Cast iron is good, and ceramic cookware is AMAZING but you need a mortgage or a sugar daddy to be able to afford it. 😆

Yes! I totally agree!

The ones you see in the video are the ones sold here in vzla I don't know if you can get them outside (I hope so) they are made of cast aluminum and take that color after a healing that makes them anti adherent