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RE: Arepas (part-1) Breakfast of the Gods. || Arepas (parte-1) Desayuno de Dioses.

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Uff, I love them!
I've made the plantain one, the beetroot and my total favorite is with onion and oregano! You just need to make your normal dough and there you incorporate A LOT of finely chopped white onion and a whole other lot of oregano!
They taste like an italian Capresse focaccia!!!

And yes! I've recorded the process of two recipes already and I immediately said to @acurewa "I hate this omg HAHAH"


Hahaha I'm sure I'll try those onion ones soon because they sound pretty interesting.

Hahaha if engraving is a process that we must get used to and we will surely find better and better methods...