TARUK - Steem-Engine's BEST Dividend Token!

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57.8% ROI in 3 Weeks!

Don't sleep on this opportunity to crowd fund a promising project in the Blockchain Gaming space.

💎 With a purchase of 500 TARUKS from the SE Market we have earned a return of 289.34 STEEM [213.50 STEEM + 75.847 STEEMP] in 3 weeks.

About the Token

TARUK Tokens will serve two purposes. Initially as an investment token, by staking TARUK you receive a portion of funds raised by the @radaquest project from Token Sales, Art Work Sales, and in the future Card Pack Sales. Upon game release TARUK tokens will be used to make in-game purchases. 1 TARUK is sold for 1 STEEMP on the SE Dex. Currently project revenue is distributed to staked token holders once per week.

TARUK tokens can also be purchased at a discount for a limited time through the RadaQuest website via PayPal.

  • For more information on how the revenue is distributed see the RadaQuest whitepaper.
  • RadaQuest is currently publishing a regular weekly update for investors detailing investment progress and game development news.
  • RadaQuest has an active proposal in the STEEM Proposal System which you can vote on!

About the Project

Ivonne (Divine Hammer) Created by Marcos DK (@marcosdk) for Rada Quest TCG.

About the Game

Rada Quest is the name of a fantasy novel written by Marcos DK and will be published on the Steem blockchain in chapters. The universe projected in the novel is large and suitable for other types of formats such as video games, animated shorts, illustrations, etc.

Rada Quest (Trading Card Game) is a project derived from the book. It is a real-time strategy game and collectible cards. The game is still under development, but you can see some of the illustrations that will appear on the game cards by following this account @radaquest.

Back in August @battlegames sat down with @marcosdk for a short interview on game development that you can read here.

Staking 1,000 TARUK Unlocks VIP Rewards

Investors staking 1,000+ TARUKS receive access to a unique Discord channel with access to Ultra-High Definition illustrations from the game for free personal use purposes!

Other Unique Benefits Include:

  • Vote to accept the new illustrations from new artists.
  • 1 Exclusive and helpful game card
  • Daily login rewards lifetime (Potions, Crystal Souls, Card Pack tickets, etc.)
  • Exclusive PRIME title in game

Seren, Rune Star Created by Xerllig (@xerllig) for Rada Quest TCG.

This Weeks Provisional Revenue Distribution

We're just barely into Day 3 of the week and already provisional revenue distribution is estimated at 9%.

Hard to find a SE Token with better returns anywhere!

Stake TARUK Tokens today to show your support for the RadaQuest project, and for the emerging STEEM game development community. Together we can make STEEM the #1 gaming blockchain on planet earth!

Battlegames is a proud early supporter of RadaQuest TCG with TARUK tokens currently being staked. This is not financial advice.


I purchased some tokens in support of (*not) your project. I'm not sure I did it correctly tho as I was not logged into the website at time of purchase.

jnJjL2hAAO is the memo ...

Edit: sorry just realized who the author of this post was... hopefully @marcosdk catches it and sorts it out for me.

Thank you so much for your support! Your TARUKs has been sent. Don't forget to stake them.

first week payouts were amazing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Nice pickup! and looks like Marcos has already figured it out and delivered your TARUK's..

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The finest of cities, much thanks Neoxian!

The best decision! : )

Haha yup, agreed!

@Battlegames Wow thank you for this post. You make a amazing post describing the Taruk's project and a splendid summary of how you can buy it. Thank you so much for your support.

May the power of RadaQuest be with you!

Thanks @wiriri, the post is packed with goodies, lots of details I didn't want to miss. Glad you like it.

Apoyando cada día el proyecto en crecimiento @battlegame

Un excelente proyecto @sacra97

Lo sigo desde casi el principio, no soy la inversora más grande, pero tengo mi propia carta guardaespaldas de sacra, ja ja, ja, y estoy segura de su crecimiento

Thank you so much for your continuous support; since the first day!

Bienvenido señor, sigan con el gran trabajo!

I have seen TARUK, was wondering what it is. Thanks for the bringing it up again. Gotta check if the opportunities are still available. :)

~ BDVoter Team

Hello @bdvoter :) The offers pack are still available. And...Of course, there are still opportunities to be part of the project. The game is still developing and there are still months at least for its launch. You can become an investor and start receiving benefits every week.

Still some TARUK's available at market discount from their website, but they're going quickly..

Perfect description of Taruk! Thank you so much for talking about the project and your incredible support, you are awesome!


My favorite token! I will keep buying more!

a sweet 17% return this week!