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I wanted to talk about something I think is pretty underrated on Steem and how we could improve it.

I know there are those "resteem services", they kind of had the right idea early on but obviously were just trying to make some easy money with no effort and are mostly ineffective at accomplishing anything.

What I mean, though, is for us to use resteems more responsible. Especially now with 50/50 we could give a lot more power to resteems. Not just as a way to resteem your friends, I admit I do that sometimes, but to resteem as a curator. There have been many cases in the past where I have unfollowed certain users because all the do is resteem, if they don't understand how spammy that can get onto someone's feed then I can't say they didn't deserve it - I endured it for some time before it got too much. So at the same time as you can see there are consequences for being a bad resteemer, who knows if I will ever stumble upon that account again or naturally follow him - which in his case may mean less future rewards cause the chance of receiving a vote from me may be gone forever.

One thing I think Steemit should add (unless steempeak beats them to it - paging @justineh for the idea) is to add notes to resteems. Say you want to resteem a certain post for a certain reason the same way I did a few weeks ago, where I didn't really plan on voting it up cause it seemed shady but I wanted it to receive more attention from my followers so they could weigh in their opinions on the post. You click resteem and similar to retweets it will ask you if you want to add a comment with it that your followers will be able to see on their feeds above the post or wherever.


Resteems are way stronger nowadays with the 50/50 EIP, it can turn everyone into a successful curator - if you are good at it. Say you find a very good intro post that has no votes and you give it a 100% upvote and resteem it to your x amount of followers that enjoy what you usually resteem. They will naturally vote it up which means you'll receive much higher curation rewards for that one post that day, it turns everyone into their own curation guilds in a way.

If only we could create some sort of added incentive to be a good resteemer, say a bot that checks for stats of resteemed posts and how well they did afterwards but giving it some time for them to have the chance to be "missed", so people don't resteem posts at 3 minutes and expect to do well in that tracker, cause if it gives extra incentive to good resteemers like rewards then people will obviously try and abuse it, like most things in life. :P

Since we don't have tags yet though, it would be great for people to look out for resteems. In many cases the author who resteems may leave a comment, give them an upvote on the comment just thanking them for resteeming it which lead you to finding the post you enjoyed. Give the post a nice vote of encouragement, leave a comment thanking the person who resteemed it and give them some more value naturally.

I think it's a powerful tool that is kind of underrated but we could make it bigger by using it correctly and efficiently.

I remember on Twitch there was this thing that people used where right before they were about to go offline on their stream and had a large audience, they'd go and "raid" another streamer they liked or enjoyed their content - bringing their audience onto their channel before going offline. Shortly after that Twitch added a way to broadcast others streams on your page when you were offline - they saw how valuable it was and kept the viewers viewing so they adapted fast from something that just started as a simple thing people started doing cause they felt it was the right thing instead of letting the audience scatter all over the platform. Of course it's not exactly like resteems but we can easily give it more value by using them properly and curators curating them effectively if used well.

Who knows, maybe we can make the resteems as magical as big upvotes are over time - it could turn users with low stake into power users as well if they have a big following that loves their resteems and always curates them.

Anyway, just a thought and something we could focus more on now with the recent changes since the HF. Let me know your thoughts!

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I’ve often talked about a desire for a resteem with comment feature. You’re absolutely right that the higher curation rewards give resteems more use in maximizing curation, but I’ve advocated taking it a step further.
Any kind of comment is going to necessitate a new “post” as far as the blockchain logic goes I believe. So I’d like to see a system that auto sets the author of the resteemed post as a substantial beneficiary.

So if I resteem this post with a comment it actually creates a new top level post with the referenced post embedded. Any votes my commented resteem gathers are split between me and you, perhaps 30/70 resteem/original author?

The major benefit to a system like this is that it creates “evergreen” content. An undiscovered gem that’s 6 months old could be found, shared, go “viral” and get 50 more resteems... and suddenly that author has 51 pending payouts from their 6 month old content. Or a well crafted tutorial may get a steady share or two each week as someone drops it in their own feed letting their followers know how useful it was. It takes no more blockchain resources than someone dropping a comment under the post and tagging a friend, but it rewards the original content author.

Curation also takes on a whole new aspect, as resteeming becomes a whole new field of curation. Well curated “magazine” style accounts could do well for themselves while the system auto pays out to the content creators they’re building around. The system would have to be largely self policing, as with all things Steem as resteem spammers would be unfollowed or outright downvoted.

I think an innovative front end like SteemPeak would be a logical place to try something like this out, as it really could be just an automated UI component with no underlying blockchain changes.

I really like this idea. The idea that content is worthless after 7 days has really bugged me.

This sounds great!

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I couldn't agree more with this idea acidyo.

I've often wanted to add a little note to my resteems, much like you can on fbook or twitter when you share on either of those places. That way you could inspire further conversation on a person's post based on what attracted you to it.

Especially now with 50/50 we could give a lot more power to resteems. Not just as a way to resteem your friends, I admit I do that sometimes, but to resteem as a curator.

I have to admit I rarely resteem, even my friends, as I see it as as direct curation and I'm super fussy about quality and what I resteem being complimentary to the style of content I'm producing at the time. But I do think I'd resteem a lot more if we could add a little note.

I've felt the powerful effect of the whale resteem when Dan resteemed the 'call to action' post I made about the noonies awards. The post got a tone of notice by a load of old school steemians who don't follow my account. I feel like if people could add notes the higher SP holders could add extra impetus to posts like that by giving people a quick summary of what the post is about. In this world of diminishing attention spans it could really help pulling people into reading important content.

I'm not sure about monitising the resteem feature at blockchain level though. I too remember those resteem services and really don't follow, or like, users who resteem tones of posts/day. What it comes down to is balancing it all so it doesn't ruin the whole mechanism of the 'follow' function. Most of the time i follow someone based on the expectation of seeing more of the same type/style of content that originally interested me when I discovered them.

Interesting and thought provoking post acidyo 👍

I may be wrong but I think "adding notes", while maintaining the upvote mechanic for the original post, would require a chain upgrade to make that possible. Since a resteem is merely a share of the original comment.

The question then would become does the curator (resteemer) also deserve the possibility to earn for finding.

The ideal comparison here is Twitter's dual retweet mechanic. Just retweet the original tweet and have all RT, Favs, and replies be on the original tweet or Retweet with comment, where the original Tweet is shown in line, complete with regular mechanics but the "comment tweet" becomes its own post... with an embedded post.

It's not that simple for that feature.

As a curator i find resteeming for people with high reps is most efficient to do after the 2-4 day mark, so that way you bring it back into the feed. For people with a rep lower then 50, I will resteem right away, due to I know they have not gained much followers yet.

Also, ironically found resteemed from an author I was just about to pass in partiko points. (@onealfa)
I look at each user as I pass them to see if they have good stuff and worth following / are still active)

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Comments to resteems would be nice. They would have to be very short, of course.

And yes, resteems are a very underrated tool for curation. Now that 50/50 has been in effect for a couple of weeks, I've resteemed a lot more than before. It is fascinating to observe voting on a post when it is worth pretty high, say $20, and resteeming it after which it goes up to $100 in a matter of a couple of days. Far more often a post will reach its final valuation within 15 minutes to an hour.

I love this idea. I often resteem things and want to say WHY, and when I see mine resteemed, I want to know why they liked it. And then I see others who resteem and I"m like --- hmmm, why is this resteem worthy? It's a nice little add on to increase interactions in meangingful ways.

Minds added comments to reminds early on.
It really helped, imo, because it gave a chance to comment on why the post was reminded.
I hope somebody figures out that pull request.

Totally agree, and that's one of the main reason I rarely resteem as I don't like throwing something out there without adding any comment or explanation. Granted I have come across some good posts via resteem, but having that extra comment from the resteemer will add a lot more credibility to an otherwise undervalued post. And I think the resteem comment should be compulsory and more than 20 characters so people gotta type more than "This is a great post"

Ironically 20 characters. Lol

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22 chars would be better.

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.. thank you for your thoughts..note would be good..usually I post my note on the reply...but never thought about if people still read the reply..

yes yes yes

would be cool to have note function to resteem

I do that all the time so I should be rewarded for the action.

Yes, This was something I thought was also needed. We need a way to share things more in a way similar to other social media platforms. Blind resteems aren't that much help but if you can leave a comment with them, it would add a lot!

Maybe it could even copy your first sentence of the comment you've left on the post so you wouldn't need to add two separate comments in both the tag and the post.

Resteeming this :p

Good point about resteems and adding comment to it. Would be cool to have that.

Paging seems like a good idea. I dislike resteems without context or comment. It's also bizarre when people resteem 20x posts a day, luckily steetit has an option to hide it. This would be nice if I can hide it from my feed or keep it separate as well. I would like a feed for authors and a feed for curators or a separate color.
I resteemed your post. All it asked me is 'Are you sure?'. Instant regret.

Great idea. I would love to be able to leave a quick connect as to why folks should check something out.

I also see you gave some tasty love to something I resteemed today about Superman RedSon. You probably didn’t find it through me, but I’m going to pretend you did and congratulate myself for being a god damned resteeming champion. Lol

Definitely needed and I mentioned it in comments before. Sometimes I want to resteem but wonder why anyone would click on the article as maybe the user is unkown and/or the title isn't that attractive and/or the thumbnail isn't sexy and/or maybe I even want to resteem a post but tell my followers that it's not an endorsement, just me wanting to have some attention to the discussions below the post and not the post itself.

Many many reasons why we need notes to resteems. I'd do a lot more of them :-)

Hi @soyrosa

I never thought about idea of having description next to resteem and I must admit that I really like it.

I don't resteem often, but when I do I notice a big difference in their posts. I used to resteem a lot but I remember when you complained about people resteeming your posts as if it was a bad thing.

I don't resteem often, but when I do I notice a big difference in their posts.

Yeah I think it's gonna be even bigger than before with the changes. Something I'd like to start doing is resteem and wait to upvote it to reward others who decide to vote it in CR.

Hmm, doesn't ring a bell but sounds like something I may get annoyed by depending on who's doing the resteem. :P

I think someone was resteeming you a lot and probably trying to get your attention but I remember you didn't seem too happy about it.

I always felt resteeming was sharing, but I know a lot of people get annoyed with resteems in their feeds as well as seeing them in others so I only do it once and a while.

Hehe sounds like bull run problems. xD

Hey man, great post and legit thoughts. I admit to getting annoyed, and unfollowing, an account sometimes through incessant re-steeming. One I still follow does it a lot and I really like that users posts however I don't really want to see 27 re-steems from people I don't know each day.

I've re-steemed only a little bit [don't want to be re-steem guy]. My re-steems have sometimes gained a little extra because of it, and sometimes they even thanked me for my effort. I like your suggestion of the addition of a note or some such with a reason for the re-steem as a little intro to the actual post. It would also be cool to let the author know that it has happened, allows them to thank the person, build rapport and a bigger network more rapidly. [Engagement].

Breaking into a group [for lack of a better word] of great accounts can be difficult...I've been here for 27 months, posted more than once every day and it's been difficult...I can only imagine what newer accounts must be going through, how hard it can be to be seen. Of course, quality has to be maintained and lack of it is why many people don't build a solid following...Or a solid brand. The 50/50 EIP environment we are in offers us opportunity as you say.

I've been selective with my re-steems wanting to provide quality to my followers rather than bombarding them with crap and I believe if there was a little structure around it the re-steem can become an excellent tool for the greater community, as you have suggested.

Good post acid.

Interesting comment.
It is really difficult for new users to get any exposure and visibility @galenkp

HF21 solved many problems, however currently it's even harder than ever to get some traffic if you're new.

I'm pleased you've found my comment interesting. Thanks for saying so.

Yes, I remember when I was new here back in 2017 and how difficult it was for me to gain traffic on my posts...I still struggle at times despite the time I've been here and relationships I've created.

Life is is not always easy though, neither is steem - I'm a big advocate of reward for effort though and so insert effort into everything I do here and in real life. I'm rewarded commensurate to that effort at times, and not at others which is why I throw in a good dose of persistence. Seems to pay dividends and return in kind.

Thanks for your comment.

This is a great idea given the focus on curation these days! It would also probably improve engagement as gaining perspectives is fundamental when sharing across a network.

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Notes by curators would be great addition.
It would have to be a front end only option and the note not be written to the blockchain or just show a shortened version of the first comment made by the reesteemer on top of the resteem in a shortened version. Say 50 characters only otherwise it would increase spam in feed.
Id go with the later option since it utilizes the blockchain and thats more user friendly then having to write a note and a comment.

You raise a lot of good points here. Resteems at the moment are very ineffective in my opinion. Your point about accounts that continuously resteem coming across as spammy is very true. I have started to follow accounts and then almost immediately had to mute them or unfollow them after only a few days because my feed was completely taken over by essentially meaningless noise. I began to ignore anything and everything posted by these accounts until their name or their brand essentially, for me, became associated with spam.

What you said about being able to add comments along with the resteems is such a good idea. I would say that it is a "must" for resteems to be effective. Why do you think a post is good? Why do you think others should read it? Who is the author and what makes them interesting? In other words, why should I spend my time reading the post? These are things I want to know if I am going to read a resteem. Otherwise it's probably just going to come across as "noise."

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I have always felt resteems were underused here. They could easily be a much more useful and interesting way to build a trending algorithm than payout/velocity as the current steemit trendalgorithm is. Resteems by someone who doesn't resteem much could be weighed more heavily than resteems by someone who resteems everything in sight as a ferinstance. And of course comments could be used in similar fashion as part of said hypothetical alternative to current junk trending algorithm.

I actually approached steempeak team a while back with a feature request that would have been basically the opposite of the currently available "exclude resteems". I asked if they could add a feature to the feed where you could only see posts that had been resteemed in your feed. They didn't think anyone would use that feature, but I personally think it would be a super useful way to find content by people you weren't already following.

I agree, but I think that the front end should display more clearly that a post is resteemed or originally made by the author. One of the stuff Steem front ends should improve imo is to use a better color pattern to make it easy to break down each user's feed.

Hi @acidyo

I must admit, that adding notes to resteems sound like a great idea.

Resteems are way stronger nowadays with the 50/50 EIP, it can turn everyone into a successful curator

That's also my impression so far and I was wondering how could recent forks affect visibility of resteems. I honestly thought that it's because there is currently less content created than before hf21.

Good read. Upvoted.
Cheers, Piotr

I would love to be able to add 'introduction notes' to the posts that I resteem! @esteemapp does payout ESTM SMT's for each resteem.

That's an excellent idea and one that I've wanted to see for sometime.

Yes. Omg so much yes.

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I try to resteem posts that have an impact and cause one to ponder and rethink ones modus operandi on Steemit. Thanks it is food for thought 👀

Resteemed this article. Thank you supporting Steem community.

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I always wondered why this function wasn’t available.

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Hah. Beat ya to this. I kept to myself, so of course it feels like I pulled this out of nowhere, or even your thought here but picture this: curators and authors split the pie both ways. Can't I just curate work that maintains the status quo - nay, strengthens my chain of posts? I would just pick the accounts I follow and appreciate, share their work with my following, and earn a bit more now, with the new reward schema! And while I haven't paid it much attention (no pun intended) I'm sure it's been quite lucrative. I think it enhances the STEEM browsing experience, much like you've shared today. I'd like to see where things go from here.

Brilliant click, sky view just awesome.

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It's a great tool, you have to be very smart to use it.

I don't use it much, but from your point of view, I could change my mind.

I always though why not resteem content you like and you think needs more visabilies. Although after following people I can see why it can be overwhelming. Spam on your feed. This is a platform still finding its way. But maybe a resteem tab that you can filter the categories would be awesome. Or maybe a limited resteem option? Not sure. I haven't dug in enough to have a solid suggestion.

But I commented on another post about commenting, make it more of a community.

If some one resteems me, I would be inclined to follow, upvote, or at least check their content out.

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