Tata, Decentralized Social Application. Have Fun and Earn ACN Token Rewards...!!

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Social networks are changing according to the movement of people. Now, decentralized and very striking social networks have emerged that are monetized. Beyond being synonymous with entertainment, knowledge and relationships, they can also be sources of economic income (welcome.!). In addition, social networks have become the springboard of many content creators, to broaden their recognition for the work they do.

Recently, a campaign on a mobile application called Tata was introduced in Reviewhunt; And if Instagram and Steem had a child, Tata would surely be the result. Tata works similar to the famous Instagram, you share photos, reactions, comments and resend photos that other users have published ... But here comes the interesting thing: for doing all that (which we like so much), you also earn rewards in ACN Token (similar operation or same as in Steem).

Screenshot taken in my Tata account

User Interface Features:

Users who participate there, explore different options and you can visualize different qualities of the application, I will detail below the basic ones:

  • User profile; In this, the image you have selected for your public profile is displayed. In addition, it indicates the level of reputation within the platform, which increases in a balanced way according to the contributions and interactions you make within Tata.
    Also, you can visualize the number of your followers and who you follow.
    Sliding down, you can see all the content you've taken to Tata, in my case I have only photos of my family, my garden and some desserts. There in the images or publications you also observe a kind of "flame", here on the platform it is called "heat" and the more you have, it means that your publications are more popular.


Screenshot taken in my Tata account

  • Home: There are shown all the files that users and groups have uploaded with which you share and interact. They are presented as a list, just swipe your fingers and explore.
    In the lower panel, you can visualize several icons, which when executing execute the following: discover, upload content, chat, more detailed profile according to statistics.


Screenshot taken in my Tata account


  • Decentralized and transparent, with algorithms that regulate the reward system (to avoid abuse).

  • More than 17 million users. Source

  • Roles on the platform that are according to user activity: Content creator, curator and police or monitoring.

  • User reputation based on the degree and quality of interaction on the platform.

  • Daily rewards, all at the same time (00:00 GMT.).

  • Connected with a secure and reliable wallet (TTC Connect), which allows the correct storage of rewards.


  • I have really used the application for some time, I love it. It is simple to use and entertaining. The only thing I do not like at times, is that I do not have a very good internet connection and the application tends not to work even at its minimum potential. However, it is an application that deserves to give you the opportunity to take a good look...!

Here the download links:

App Store: Tata
Play Store: Tata

Thanks for reading, greetings ...!