Rising Star. Day 56. Or maybe not

in #risingstarlast month

Good day, Rising Star fans!


I believe it is my day 56 with Rising Star game. But I am not sure because I got lost in the days. I am so overloaded with ideas, plans, work... So I stopped counting time. I just follow the flow and try to finish all tasks which I have to...

Another good side is that I really like that process! I like to be busy! I like to be active!

But what I wanted to tell you... is that the most of my work is accompanied by Rising star these days/ How? I am listening to the music from the game xD And I really like it. So sometimes it reminds me to go to the game and to click on the START button xD

Btw I a got 75k Starbits! Now I need 25k more... More than a half of the way passed! So I am getting closer to my goal! Yahoo!

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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