Interview on Radio after the Shopping mall show

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Radio : We saw you at the shopping mall, did you like the ambiance ?
Diva : Wasn't bad, must admit, even if the area was a bit tiny, you know, we need a bigger place for my music.

Radio : Did the addition of Trenton and John change much to your band ?
Diva : It's ok, they still have to learn from my natural talent, but I am sure they can make it.

Radio : You're now touring with a Limo ? Do you love luxury ?
Diva : It's not luxury, Trenton wanted the Range Rover, but it's too small, and the limo is more confortable than the jet for short distance travels, it's not luxury, just common sense...

Radio : What is your next goal in your career ?
Diva : Not sure we can call that a goal, I sing my art, people start finally to understand it, but if you meet the guys from TomorrowWorld, you can tell them they forgot to send my main stage VIP invitation...

Radio : Will you ....
Diva : Honey, sorry, but I gotta go, you know my fans are waiting, but it was fun chatting with you... Here, take this gift, a first class ticket for my next festival, they are almost sold out already. Bye!

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Hilarious interview!!! Love it!

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