How I fell in love with Coding.

in science •  2 months ago 

I was born in the late 80s, with the 90s coming through with interesting inventions and idea manifestation, computing was a big deal in Nigeria, with the introduction of Windows 98 and Windows 2000, The tech world was over taking the industry and booming.

I was not interested in computing at first, I knew the basic of CPU, Keyboard, mouse and floppy disk, from my primary education at school. I never knew I was going to fall in love with coding.

My first encounter with programming, was at a friends home. I can never forget the Language (Visual Basic 6.0). The idea of writing lines of codes and seeing it work, it was an amazing experience.

My first line of code, took me over 20mins, getting the user interface set and going to the command window to write down my code line.

txtdisplay.Text = "Hello, world"

Private Sub cmdview_Click ()
txtdisplay.Text = "Hello, world"
End Sub

After writing my first program, I was hooked and fell totally in love with coding. All Thanks to Microsoft Visual Studio for a wonderful experience with VB 6.0 and many other versions after.

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