scot: declined payout is applied and comment beneficaries can be activated

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scotbot checks now if a post has declined all payouts.

Whenever a post which has declined all payout is not pending anymore, its pending token are now moved back to the pool.

Comment beneficaries can be enabled for a specific token

Each token has now two new settings:

  • enable_comment_beneficiaries - when enabled, comment beneficiaries are applied
  • exclude_beneficiaries_accounts - It is possible to exclude accounts which should not receive tokens (e.g. liqwid)

At the moment, AAA has enabled enable_comment_beneficiaries``. Whenever you attach beneficaries to a post with oneaaa`tag, the specified accounts will receive one share from the author rewards token.

When a beneficaries of 10% is set for account b and the author a has a paid out post with 1 AAA author rewards, a will receive 0.9 AAA and b will receive 0.1 AAA.

If you are a SCOT owner and want to enable beneficiaries, let me know.

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Love the development

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nice improvements ! :) 💙

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Hi @holger80, just to clarify

  1. does SCOT posting has its own beneficiary setting,
  2. or is it derived from steem post setting.

I guess you mean 2. In such case, I'm not entirely sure if the community owner understood this correctly. Not many people correctly understand the concept of beneficiary itself and most people at least so far think scot is independent of steem in terms of beneficiaries.

@holger80, Keep up these developments and commands and in my opinion Beneficiary system will going to boost many Steemians for sure.

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While there are not many days left, could you also add to exclude_beneficiaries_accounts? I'm absolutely fine to give some tokens to that account, but I'm sure it'll not use anyway.

In addition, please always add @finex (similar to likwid, run by me, not officially launched yet but currently testing in kr community).