scotbot: huge speed boost

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I worked on decreasing the delay of scotbot and finally I achieved some good results. The delay could be reduced from 50 seconds (somethings it was even 10-15 minutes) around 15 seconds.

Sending (transfer/issue) out claimed token is done in a separate loop now

The problem with sending token is that broadcasting a custom_json needs around 1-2 seconds and when the same token should be send to two different accounts, the delay is 3 seconds (only one custom_json in a block).

I improved this bottleneck by

  • Whenever a scot_claim_token custom_json is bradcasted, a new entry is generated in the internal database
  • The pending token are checked and transfered/issue in a seperate loop which does not block scotbot anymore
  • The blockchain is scanned if the operation is broadcasted to the STEEM blockchain
  • When a custom_json is not broadcasted (Due to low RC for example), it is flagged for manually review.

During implementing this, I build in a bug, which allows it to claim the same amount of token several times (only for scot token which transfer token). The bug is fixed by now.

I improved also the way how it is checked if a custom_json was correctly broadcasted.

Streaming of stake and delegate operation

Reading the wallet of all scot user took some seconds which has blocked scotbot in the past.

custom_json which are related to staking token and delegating them are now continuously parsed. Whenever a user increase the amount of staked token, scotbot will parse the custom_json and adapt the value in the database.

From time to time the token amount of all scot user is read from the steem-engine again, but this can be done less frequent than before which reduces the lag of scotbot.

I can view the entry in the scotbot database by :

A few seconds after staking the 0.724 LEO, scotbot has updated its database (the amount is stored as integer):


The time delay between broadcasting votes and comments and showing them on a tribe website could be strongly reduced. It should be below 15 seconds right now.

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That's an awesome update
But now I don't have my coffee break anymore while I was waiting for the tokens xD

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this is awesome! thank you for your hard work!

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Very nice update, also please add "Claim All" feature

Great stuff, thanks @holger80!

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More speed?
more !BEER

,Awesome news!! This should enhance UE greatly, it's good to know that you are always working to please your customers, exactly what a successful business shall always do.

Great update but we want more! Even a few seconds wait is like forever to deal with our impatience. Hope you will find some way to make it real-time soon!


I see a lot of talk about SCOT lately, but I'm not sure exactly what this service/initiative is all about.

🙌🏽 You’re awesome! Thanks for working on these changes, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about speed /claiming, etc. excited to see how these changes impact the tribes

@holger80, You are doing awesome job and it's really appreciable aspect. Keep up the good work and spread more value.

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