Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 70 my entry

in secretsoforganplaying •  2 months ago 

I played Warum betrübst du sich, mein Herz by J. L. Krebs. I don't have printed score, so I played if from my laptop.

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Is the keyboard you use midi-capable?
If so you might consider to install Grand Orgue on your laptop, or perhaps the free edition of Hauptwerk 4. That last one is not available anymore on the download-page of Hauptwerk,com, but I happen to have downloaded it years ago and I might send it to you.
There are free sample sets available for both Grand Organ and Hauptwerk. So it would cost only a midi interface between keyboard and laptop (and some time to install it all) to get started.

This keyboard is not midi. But midi keyboard will arrive (Vidas helped to order it). So I will need to download Hauptwerk to my laptop

You're in good hand, then. I'm sure you'll enjoy Hauptwerk!

I'm sure too


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