Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 72

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It is my organ improvisation that I named comming back. After long time it was nice to play real organ


Wow you are back in the church! Your improvisation is very clever. Well done!

Thank you!

Great job, Diana!

Thank you!

I was looking forwad to your new keyboard, but a real organ is of course even better!

I agree that real organ is better. Still I wait for my new keyboard. I didn't receive any news about it

Thank you Diana. Good to see you at the church organ again. When I see you wearing such heavy clothes including gloves I am reminded of how fortunate I am these days with my Hauptwerk console at home. Which country are you in - I'm guessing somewhere in Europe? In my student days during the late 1970's I had nothing at home to practice on, so I did everything at the church either on the organ or on the piano in the church hall. Fortunately both were good instruments. I hope your new keyboard becomes a reality soon.

Thank you! I live in Lithuania. I thought that it will be safer to play with gloves, but it was very unconfortable. I hope that my keyboard will arrive soon

You mention that you are a university student, Diana. What are you studying?

I study geography in master's degree

I wish you well in your studies, Diana. I didn't reach the level of a master's degree, but my wife did - about 20 years ago. I remember very well how much work this involved.

Thanks for your entry!