Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 79

in secretsoforganplaying •  last month 

I played Alto part of Contrapunctus V by J. S. Bach.
This piece is from sight-reading master course week 4 day 6 by Vidas Pinkevicius. You can find it here

I played it at home, because I had some difficulties to practice in church. Weddings, funerals and etc. As I know it is not forbidden to use synthesizer when I play organ music.

I have my new Nectar keyboard, but I can't use it because my operational system of my computer is 32 bit Windows. For Hauptwerk it should be 64 bit. Next week I will reinstall windows and I hope I will enjoy Hauptwerk soon. So for this week I used my old keyboard. I don't like how it sounds, but it is better than nothing...

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