Secrets of Playing Contest week 95 | Bach

I need to get back to my project of learning all the chorale preludes in Orgelbuchlein. I feel that since Advent is coming soon, now seems like a good time to continue. Enjoy 🎹🎶❤ Any registration or articulation suggestions are most welcome 😊


Another take on this magnificent piece, nice. Recently, @jeremyowens9501 and I played this same piece for the contest. Each with a very different approach. I feel there is no right or wrong way to play this piece:

I think the approach you take here is fine, with a simple registration to match. In Baroque music I hardly use finger substitutions. But thats just how I was trained. In this particular loece however, I play far more legato than I usually do in Bach's music, just because I think it fits the piece.

If you want to experiment with articulation: try some different approaches to the sixteenth figures. For example the soprano voice, second half first bar. You can play them as four slurred notes and make a little break to the next four notes (and continue that through all four voices). Or think of them slurred in pairs on the beat: a detached b f sharp slurred a (and continue the pattern in all four voices. Or take the off beat slur: a b slurred f sharp g slurred ( and continue through all four voices).
And pick the one you like most.

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Thanks so much for your thoughts. This makes so much sense! I am working on the second chorale and i think i will incorporate your thoughts into the middle voices as they are accompaniment & i need to make them softer or less prominent than the outer.

Thanks so much for your help 😊🎹🎶❤

Thanks for your entry!