August 3, 2020--Practice Blog in the time of the virus

Got a late start on the day as I finished making breakfast late (8:30) and waited for my wife to leave for work. Watered the front yard. Then, I got sidetracked with a jigsaw puzzle for an hour. Got to practice around 11:00. Practiced organ for two hours. Came home and practiced piano for an hour before running out to get dog-medicine. Got another 40 minutes in before wife got home from work. I planned on getting some more work done, but time slipped by. It is getting close to bedtime now.

On the organ, I read through the 13th movement of Couperin's Mass for the Convents and worked on the last phrase of BWV 640. I then worked on some other pieces that I would like to get in my repertoire--Langlais Suite Medievale, Perry's Prelude on St. Anne, and the Shostakovich Waltz from his Jazz Suite.

On the piano, it was a Beethoven day. If possible, i would like to do an all Beethoven recital in the early spring--Op. 10 no. 2, Op. 27 No. 1, and Op. 101--showing how the composer moved in the direction of his late piano works even as early as the contrapuntal ending on Op. 10 no. 2. Most of the music is learned and around 50% memorized.


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