July 31, 2020--Practice blog in the time of the virus

Friday's have been fun the past three months. My wife doesn't go to work until the afternoon and we get to play around until then. So, we went shopping in the morning. We went to lunch and ate at a local park before going to Marshalls to find some olive oil before going to Target to pick up some necessities. Finished the shopping off with a trip to a garden store for some top soil to try and build up some grass in our front yard. I dropped off my wife to work and then went to practice organ for a couple hours. Afterwards, I came home and practiced piano until the wife got off work. Ate dinner while watching the BBC show Red Dwarf, season 12.

On the organ, I worked on Vierne's Finale from the First symphony. Sight read through the Adagio from the same Symphony. Then practiced the Fugue from BWV 536 and got a decent recording (with some mistakes, I apologize for those). Finished practicing off with trying to speed up the first movement of Hindemith's Second Sonata.

on the piano, I worked on Liszt's Consolation #3.


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