"Prelude in C minor" by Joseph Rheinberger - Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 76

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Despite the title "prelude," which may suggest a more traditional, through-composed work, this "Prelude in C minor" by Joseph Rheinberger is a fugue-like work, featuring a complex, tightly structured polyphonic texture and a heavily chromatic tonal pallet.

Joseph Rheinberger (1839 - 1901)

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Wow, Rheinberger showing of his contrapuntal abilities. That's one crazy theme, yet he builds a fugue on it almost effortlessly.
And you play it almos effortlessly as well. Well done!

Thank you, Auke. Yes, this is an ingenious composition. Parts of the score can be surprisingly tricky to play, despite the work's (seemingly) rather transparent texture!

Thanks for your entry!

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