Secrets of organ playing Contest, week 71 | My winner picks for this week.

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This week there were a little less contestants in the contest than there were last week. Where there were 10 last week, there are 7 now. Yesterday evening when I wrote the draft of this post, there were only 5 entries. Five is a bit of a difficult number to pick three favorites contestants. I won't vote for myself (feels like cheating), so that leaves four three votes. Meaning I would have to leave one out, and that is a difficult choice. So, I am actually glad @drugelis and @sapolasa added there entries since then.

Number one is not difficult. A movement of a Vierne symphony is not easy to pull of, so my first choice is @contrabourdon's performance of the Finale of Vierne's first symphony.

Second is not difficult either. I like @michaelcalabris's colourful improvisations. Not only pipes in there but other midi-instruments as well, creating the mystique surrounding the Delphi Oracle

The third was a difficult choice between the fine perfoamnces of @drugelis, @iwan2belive, @andrewgrahem and @sapolasa. In the end, as I am deep into trio playing myself these weeks, I choose for @andrewgraham, playing Armsdorf choral trio on "Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr" as third winner pick.

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Thank you for mentioning me. For me the most important participation in this contest

I'm surprised that there are so many participants in this contest

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Thank you very much for your vote, Auke.