The Man in the High Castle: A dystopic world where the Nazis won WWII

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The world has changed and evolved from hundreds of events that marked the course forward for several countries, events that undoubtedly constitute an essential part of what we are living today, hence I particularly consider that it is always important to know the history that shaped a nation or organization, because that way we will know how to do it better or even how to guide our way. History will always have a high value for humanity, but what would have happened if history were not as it is today? What would have happened if some events that drew the course of the world had happened differently? Well, today I want to share with you a series that takes history and changes it to give us a glimpse of a world where the Nazis and the Japanese won the world war II.


The Man in the High Castle is an amazing series that presents us with a different world, a world full of contradictions and above all of a suspenseful, that lasts every minute of the chapters. In this series we find that the Nazis and the Japanese were not only the ones who won the World War II, but they were also in charge of invading American territory, conquering it and dividing it under their command, thus turning them into two extremely powerful nations without any rival, two nations that govern side by side a country full of perversions and feelings of rebellion. The plot from the beginning is a blizzard of drama where we experience in a wonderful way this new world where any attempt to break Nazi laws is punished, a world censored and where personal opinion has no place, especially if you are not German or Japanese.


Throughout the firsts seasons we see what this new country is like, a country that is apparently divided into two sides, one governed by Germans where the laws against those who live there are extremely harsh, where people have to take care of what they say or do because they constantly run the risk of being punished, and another side a little more liberal-dominated by the Japanese where their culture is scattered and conceived by obligation. Basically the series focuses on showing how serious life would be in a country dominated by the Nazi Germany, a country where white supremacism is on the surface and where people are constantly subjected to punishment and political manipulation, but also offers us a plot of hope through a film that represents freedom, a film that is sought by all because there is a small beacon of hope that can be the necessary trigger for people to finally dare to be free.


Yes, the whole plot of the firsts seasons besides showing us how this new country works, and the supremacist dynamics of those who govern it also shows us how things are for the simplest people who just want to survive, in addition to introducing as a prominent and conflictive element a film that everyone wants because there is the apparent truth of this world.

The whole series is fantastic, visually enchanting with a photograph that transports us to an era of the past where in addition to the glamour characteristic of the time we can also see in detail different aspects of the Nazi Germany standing out and making an act of presence in the streets of New York, all complemented with a retro cinematographic style that is very similar to that of the old war movies where that furor and that intensity of the past is very much emphasized.


This series is a delight in all aspects because its plot constantly catches us through extremely intense scenes, scenes that make us feel a lot of things for the constant cruelty they transmit and especially for the emotional factor they generate through an atmosphere of hate, suspense, and constant melancholy. This is undoubtedly one of the best-developed series I have ever seen, it never follows the typical pattern of dramatic series and on the contrary, it constantly offers us wonderful plot turns that at times change the plot to make it even more intense than it already was.

Personal Score: 8,3

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