My Judges Top 5 Selections For Week 15 of SGL!

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Hello and welcome to the crunch end of week 15 of SGL! Sorry if things have been a little quieter then usual, I ran out of data at home and have basically been living under a rock unable to communicate to the outside world. At least that's what it feels like in Australia without the internet lol, but all jokes aside and a small fortune later here I am back in the land of the living.... aka having interned restored!

Alright well all that aside, here we are and what an awesome week it was. Honestly you people will give me an stroke one day, having to choose which ones to select... it drives me a little insane when I struggle so much.

But without further delays, here is my judges top 5 picks for week 15 of SGL!

First Place:

@carlgnash - Root-a-toot-toot-toot (It Was a Fart) - SONIC GROOVE LIVE week 15 ORIGINAL

Well man when I saw your name I was absolutely stoked to see you joining us and I must say you didn't fail to impress man, I just can't get over this song.... it's bloody brilliant, so freakin funny I couldn't get enough.

I am all for comedy in music and you really hit the nail on the head with this entry, whilst the lyrics are hilarious they are perfect for children - I will note the cute as hell little voice popping out at the end to request you continue to "sing it". Just brilliant man, so bloody catchy you can't help but bop along to the fart song!

You're playing was perfect and your singing well you should know by now that I'm a big fan of your voice, but in this you displayed some really amazing vocal techniques. I especially love your use of vocal slide, accent for vocal effect, the juxtaposition of the low "it broke my heart" coupled brilliantly with the higher "Root-a-toot-toot-toot (Fa fa fa fa fart) x3" creating this stunning vocal contrast, not to mention the casual awesome vocal gymnastics you threw in for good measure.

I just can't get enough of this song and I fully intend to play this for my little boy, he is non verbal autistic but has a passion for music in fact its one of the only times he uses words and I think he would love to wail this along with you. I mention this because he is also rather picky about which songs he likes, he is not one to turn away from a vocal challenge and I think this song would meet his picky needs perfectly!

I will also say I just loved being able to get a laugh out of your entry, it was so entertaining - I can't get over the Elvis feel you have dappled throughout as well, there are just so many layers to this comically brilliant entry. I think at times we all take our selves to seriously, so I just love seeing you happily share this with all of us.

All round kick ass song and amazing entry, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and really hope we see some more entries from you again soon... comedic or otherwise ;)

Second Place:

@barski - Sonic Groove Live Week 15 - cover - THANK YOU JESUS - Peter&Rebekka Barski

Wow nice way to mix it up, I was really happy to see you joined with a vocalist and I see musicality runs in the family. I will say I absolutely adored this entry, you guys perform so well together as often siblings do - but it's rare to find ones who's talents overlap like this to take full advantage of it, this was really entertaining to watch on so many levels.

Peter as always your playing is just impeccable, but I was so thrilled to see and hear your sister joining - this could open up so many more possibilities for the both of you, with her being able to focus on the melody you are able to add embellishments and flare of your own in moment you may have otherwise been too busy playing the melody.

The same goes for Rebekah, firstly you have a lovely voice, a beautiful clear tone, with this lovely warmth that comes through so naturally. Singing is in my opinion one of the hardest things to do, the voice isn't exactly like other instruments, what I mean is with the piano you hit the right note it comes out as intended. Voice's are different and it takes so much work to build up muscle memory and skill, you displayed brilliantly how to do a lot with only a little.

There weren't too many vocal moments to shine, or really show of your full range and vocal agility. But there is something to be said for a singer that can make a simple melody stunning to the ear and this you did with absolute perfection, I cannot say how lovely this entry was... it really blew me away.

I really hope I can see more entries from you both either together or separate, I know you all post under the one account - but there isn't anything stopping you all from getting one and each of you entering whenever you like :D But hey I'm biased and always out to see more awesome music!

Third Place:

@eugelys - Sonic Groove Live | Week #15 | Solo Palabras (Original) by Eugelys

Another stunning entry and original too boot, you are just freakin brilliant lovely. I can't get over how amazing your original entries have been, I just adore this melody so much and I would love to sing along with you.

Your playing was as always incredible, but again your vocals were just freakin amazing - I could listen to that song all day and never grow bored. You just have this incredible vocals I can't get enough of, the perfect amount of emotion and passion, coupled with power and beautiful vocal gymnastics. This is incredible to hear and to try and keep up with, just an amazing composition and brilliant entry.

Fourth Place:

@davidsuarezms - Sonic Groove Live Week 15 - "Soledad" (Original composition on guitar) by @davidsuarezms

Your music is one of a kind, each moment feels transcendent, like you know the epic is on it's way and you never fail to bring that epicness to your music. You have this unreal ability to just set a mood, create emotion and let the audience connect and feel what you feel.

Music is a tool and you my friend are a master of it's elements, you wield that guitar and magic happens. It's incredible to hear and take it in, your music soothes and takes you on an emotional journey.

It really is hard to find the words to describe the effects your music has, you just have this unbelievable talent and you create these stunning movements. We are so honoured to have you with us each week, it's just hard to conceive all this amazing music coming from one mind.

There is so much complexity weaved throughout, I just can't focus on one moment as it moves flawlessly into the next - yet there is no feeling of repetition its all unique and amazing. I will always look forward to hearing more!

Fifth Place:

@edwardstobia - Sonic Groove Live Week 15 - Original Song "Aquella Velada // That Evening" - by @edwardstobia

I just adore this composition, it is stunning and hooked me the moment you started. Just the sorrow in the notes, it was captivating and help me throughout.

Your vocals adding this haunting layer on top, just so much emotion in this music it's too much to contain and just so addictive to the ear. I wanted to hear more and more, to see where it went - it was like a constant build to this moment of raw emotion and despair.

Alright well there you have it another amazing week at SGL! I am so glad I managed to get my net sorted so I could join all you fine people, I love getting to share in your amazing music and this week was no exception!

Keep you eyes out for the other judges posts and until next time... keep grooven!


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