I Just Bought Trash Shoes!

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Literary! I mean they are made of recycled materials 🤣 The box of the shoes says something like 0% wasted materials or 50% garbage or something. I don't know exactly what percentage is what.

Nike Air VaporMax 2020

I kind of like them because there is no shoe lace. There is this easy lock and release mechanism which is little cheapy and gimmicky but works well.

They are almost like slip-on socks that hugs your legs with bubbly cushions underneath. Very interesting and I have never had shoes like these.
Pull these Lock to tightening upa the shoes

And the release tab will unlock the mechanism.

So easy to put them on and off.
These bubbles though... they are kind of weird.
I think its go Air in it and its got this nice bounce to it but its really thick and tall. I have no idea who can wear these to run.... since they are supposed to be running shoes.
But they are pretty good for walking, nice and comfortable.

Since I don't have a car any more, I thought I should invest in good shoes.
They look very pink in pictures but they are actually dirty gray... and they look dirty if you look closer.
Recycle materials are expensive and use a lot of energy in the process so it is not that eco friendly or good for the environment or whatever... but I like the idea of recycling and shoes are made of "garbage". Big company like Nike is trying to make differences, thats what I like. Does this make me a better person? 🤣

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Yup they look very pink in those pictures. I kind of like the idea, but I'm still skeptical about the quality. Like long-term quality

I don't know why it looks so pink but really not that pink in person, but I could be very blind.. color blind lol.
But they are Nike... they won't last long and they want you to buy more. Big corporate!

I don't know I used to have some nice nike shoues when I used to play basketball in middle school, they were pretty durable. I gues Nike was still making good shoes back then 😂

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pretty cool design

haha nike designed it 😆

Very good

thank you ☺️

they are cool

Thank you ☺️

So you're literally wearing trash

literally! and I live them 😝

Nice work

haha thank you 😉

Cool, I don't see anything wrong with wearing trash! Mother nature wins!

😆 thank you thank you I thought too

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