Short Street Art #58 Zoltan, Montreal (Canada)

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Great work, little information or smaller piece, its #shortstreetart...

Based in Montreal, Zoltan Veevaete, street artist, painter and digital designer, combines manga and SF in his paintings and murals. Very strange works...

579  Zoltan Ruelle St Denis.jpg


Who :Zoltan
How :Graffiti
Where :In an alley near Saint Denis, Montreal
When :2019



More about him Street Art #033

You can find on the website of Galerie C.O.A. his paintings for his last exhibition The Screen’s Tunnels . Worth a visit...

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That first piece is simple but cute. Thanks for sharing!

You're welcome... Thanks for the upvote.

I went to Concordia with him, so talented!

Yep, unique style. It would be cool if he posted his works on Steem. No more contact to invite him ?

Maybe I will but in case I don't get to it.

Yep I follow him on Instagram too...

crazy stuff. he has a really fancy style. thx for sharing.

Yep you immediately recognize his works in the street :-)