Silver Coin - 1948

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When leaving everything behind and to live "on the road" becomes a reality, at the moment when you're on the way to pack your bag, there is also the thinking about some "values" to take with you, who can be helpful in many ways. The one thing you can use to "barter" when needed. This is one of these items I carry with me since. (Dough not sure if I would really give it away just like that.)

I present you this coin, which was a present from my grandma 45 years ago, to "show it off" to @thekittygirl, who must have a huge collection of shiny precious little things... 🙃

The 5 Swiss Francs Silver Coin

Swiss Constitution Centennial, mint date 1948.


Most numismatists must be afraid of the fact that since granny gave it to me, I often carry it in my pockets without any special protection case or whatever. 😏

On the reverse side it says:

Helvetia Fortioris

wich more or less translates like

Year 1848
Switzerland Stronger

On the obverse side you see a seated woman (Legend Helvetia) and a child, facing left, holding some plant.

The mint place was Bern, it has had a weight of 14.94 gram of Silver (.835) and a diameter of 31mm. I say had since some of the silver is now in my pockets, I guess. Ha!


Since this is the only silver coin in my possession, it will be my one and only post in this category... for now! Hope you like it!

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This is a really lovely coin! I like the story behind it, that it was a gift from your grandmother! I recently posted a coin my grandmother gave me, too, so I can understand how special this must be to you! Thank you for sharing! 😊

Yeah it is... I think it will "never" leave my pocket to another one...

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Tu moneda tiene casi mi edad!
También tengo una moneda de plata de edición especial en mi país Venezuela, llamada DOBLON

¡Jehe, qué bien! Sería bueno ver a este doblón... Una cosita preciosa y brillante también, supongo.
Gracias por pasar, amigo.