Pending Drawings

in sketchbook •  3 months ago 

You see I got 20 plus more in the pipeline. They just keep coming I mean the inspiration is becoming nonstop once it hits even during the wee hours. Of course I don't have the needed time to devote in developing the idea at once that's why a notepad or idea book is always handy to quickly scribble everything there then come back to it later when I have time.

I just love seeing them lined up this way waiting. I sometimes get overwhelmed just looking at them. Makes me feel like I don't have much time to work on each of them. If you look closer I skipped some doodles and cherry pick on some of them. I guess that is how we work base on inspiration and motivation. Poor other doodles that never get my attention.

Happy weekend to you all

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Wow you are pretty much busy with creating characters. I can not wait to see them all completed. Good luck