Necrofuturism: Are We All Homo Sacer's In A New World Order?

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Hey Jesscapitalists

If you've been an avid follower of my posts for some time, you'll know I have a healthy disdain for the current systems we find ourselves in, and I'm always preaching peaceful change. As expected, my messages will fall on deaf ears, but it will survive time stamped on the blockchain, that one man was preaching this long before others realised it.

First, they say you crazy, and they challenge you, then they try to copy you, then the world changes and no one remembers you. As we who are in crypto not to just moon fight for more than only purchasing power, we are upsetting the apple cart, we are offering an alternative in a world that has desperately tried to indoctrinate us that the system is right and just and is so because this "system" working at its best, when it's fraudulent to its core.

If you ever wanted to know how deep the indoctrination goes,t think of anytime a new system is proposed, like socialism, like Bitcoin, its met with absolute anger, as any alternative would kill us all.

If it were capitalism, it would not be afraid of competition, it would embrace it by nature. This is more capitalist realism, and fear-mongering to keep everyone playing their role in society.


Call it Capitalism if you want

I might sound contradictory as a supporter of capitalism, perhaps I am a dreamer, but I check capitalism has many advantages when it's decentralised. Centralised unchecked capitalism, or crony capitalism, or cronyism is far from the Milton Freedman and Adam Smith aftermarket ideas we've come to know and cherish.

  • If the stock market and financial wellbeing of the worlds elite is anything to go by then he system is fundamentally broken.
  • If the wealth distribution curve is anything to measure, then the system is fundamentally broken.
  • If the debasement of purchasing power at will is the measurement then the system is fundamentally broken

Traditional capitalism has been dead for years; crony capitalism has been the order of the day with nepotism running wild and propaganda feeding the public misdirection and misinformation. Every so often cherry-picking one of the few in a career lottery to give the rest hopes they can achieve success through honest means.

It's a well-oiled machine that has kept everyone in place...until now. The COVID-19 thingy has given many a new perspective, to lift our heads up from the game show and see that something is not right with the world.

The capitalism we were promised, to bring us prosperity has been bastardised into a neo-feudal society of nectrocapitalsm

The corruption is so deep that we're now in Necrocapitalism

The system is fundamentally unbalanced and requires so much control and checks and bailouts to keep it going, this is evident in the way our society and aggregation of resources is done. The system is so unbalanced it requires violence, death and war to keep it going.

If it were competition and real capitalism, do you think these extremes would be required to manage the laws of supply and demand? I hardly think so!

In a world where peoples right to movement, speech, autonomy, assembly and ownership are taking away but the system, the fact that their are institutions that can strip humans of these rights alone is enough to realise that we're not in a capitalistic society we're in the gulags we've been told are so bad, we already there, we've been here, we just don't realise it.

Homo sacers

I see many many similarities in the way are conducting ourselves today and the fall of the Roman Empire. This current empire is on the path to self-destruction, and I feel we can learn a lot from previous empires that have fallen.

Back in ancient Roman times, they had the concept of a homo sacer.

Homo sacer is a figure of Roman law: a person who is banned and maybe killed by anybody but may not be sacrificed in a religious ritual.

This person is of such low social stature; they are collateral damage; there suffering was seen as part of the system, which like ours is artificial by design.

We may have dressed up the set a bit different but the need for colonialism and imperialism is as fervent as ever.

Have your say

What do you good people of HIVE think? Will Necrofuturism take hold or will the next decade be one of hope and change?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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I think the next decade will be a time of many changes, economically, socially and geopolitically - at least partially very negative changes.

I don't know if we can compare today's world with the Roman Empire. I'd compare the US today with the late Roman Republic (first century BC), which had/has a lot of turmoil ahead.

Oh for sure, the next 10 years are going to be a major transitional period for the world. I can't even predict where it's going to go, the level of uncertainty is at an all-time high

I wouldn't say its an exact match to the fall of the Roman Empire but we can definitely see similarities spring up that seem like a repeat. I think we think we're smarter and not making those same mistakes, or long forgotten the mistakes of previous empires during this great nap we've been in and now it's all coming apart.

I agree that capitalism is dead. I feel it is more like a monopol of very few who hold the power

Necrocapitalism is the natural progression of a corrupt system. I think Frédéric Bastiat said it best

When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it

How could we erradicate corruption?

That is a monumental challenge I think it only be done though more transparency, decentralization and the separation of the state and money as well active civilian population calling out bulkshit as well as a strong independent journalist scene

Mass media yes. Journalism restored back to what is supposed to do

Oh and a more decentralised internet, most of the world is still filtering their minds and traffic through a corporate filter

This is a great point!

I don't think people realise how constrained and manipulated their current internet experience is, as a marketer, and techy I see the other side of it

yeah we are in a hard core criminal state of things ... not the least of which is the U.S. domination of the international dollar tribute/homage system under the rule of corrupt law and the missiles/drones/guns. necrocapitalism, fantastic term, the rentier's paradise. by the way, what are jesscapitalists? peace ... just waiting on the hate filled shite show in tulsa, OK tonite... what an evil and despicable historical shit stain... sad

I think a criminal is too soft a word for what is going on right now, this makes robber barons look like reasonable people. The rentiers with their assets will continue to suck the wealth of the world until we fight back, and we doing it one at a time, for everyone who joins Bitcoin! Bitcoin is a ground up movement, so even when they do get in and try to control it, we can overwhelm them, this is out terms now

A Jesscapitalist, is one that believes in the free market and real competition, competition of ideas, currency, labour, networks and more.