eSignature and signing services

in software •  2 months ago 

As covid19 sweeps the world. More and more documents need to be transacted electronically.

Manually routing by email to individual parties, becomes more and more difficult to track and audit

Enter cloud software to help !

Here are a few of them :

  1. SignNow
  2. DocuSign
  3. EverSign
  4. SignRequest
  5. OneSpan Sign
  6. Adobe Sign
  7. SignEasy
  8. PandaDoc
  9. HelloSign
  10. eSign Genie

I've short listed four

SignNow , Docusign PandaDoc and HelloSign

Am trying out SignNow now... so if anyone wants my review of SignNow, do let me know in the comments


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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I've been using DocuSign with good results. Of course, I'm the one signing documents, so I'm not sure how easy it is for someone to create and send a document to be signed.

  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment

I struggled and struggled to get a decent signature on DocuSign, until I realized that it offers you both a signature and a set of initials that you can accept and apply. Now I can sign for my wife too ;-)

I thought initials were used for tagging every page of a document. Something to prove someone read every page. And signature is used to sign the entire document.

You can use an image for the signature. Initials are just Text with some script font.