Secrets of Organ Playing Week 59 – Humoresque – Denis Bédard

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The Humoresque is the 5th of 6 pieces in this anthology of miniatures which Denis Bédard wrote in 2017. It is good to see there are new organ compositions appearing. This week's offer is rather short but, as they say, good things come in small packages - not unlike the lovely instrument I am playing.

As the title "Humoresque" suggests, this is a light-hearted piece with a rather impish character. Although the work requires two manuals, I am playing on a single manual instrument made in 1882. I am making registration changes to give the impression that two manuals are being used. With the exception of the movement entitled “Oraison” (prayer) this suite is quite suited to recitals and other secular uses.

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Bravoooooooo!!! :) Nice piece

Thank you! It was great fun. I am learning the other five in the set.

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Funny sounding music yet skillfully composed. !giphy funny+music

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It is quite whimsical!