Splinterlands Cards Burning | Which cards suffer the most?

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Few days ago I posted about the DEC created from burning cards. It was an interesting find with more than 370 million DEC created from burning cards in the last year.

There was a breakdown by cards edition, starting from Alpha, Beta, Rewards, Promo and Untamed. A categorization to gold and foil included as well.

Here we will be looking at individual cards. Which cards are burned the most?


Breakdown of the numbers of cards burnt per edition will be made, ALPHA, BETA, REWARDS, PROMO and UNTAMED.

The data for the cards burnt is until May 15th, 2020.

For visibility I will include only the top 20 in each edition.

ALPHA Cards Burnt

Starting with ALPHAs. Here is the chart.

Regular foil


Alphas are long out of print, but there is some burning in this edition as well. The top spot with more than 2000 cards burnt is for the fire monster Pit Ogre, followed by Stone Golem and Stonesplinter Orc. We can see there is cards burns for the Alpha edition, but still not as much. Compared to the other editions that we will see below they are low.

The Alpha Pit Ogre has around 120 DEC when burnt. His current price is around 0.5$, much more than that.

Gold foil

Here is the chart for Alpha Gold foils cards burns.


Alpha Gold foils are real jewels. Very rare. Still there is some burning here as well. Minotaur Warrior, Animated Corpse and Rexxie on the top with around 100 cards burn. A symbolic number.

BETA Cards Burnt

Next, the beta edition.

Regular foil


The Animated Corpse is at the top here with more than 13k cards burnt, followed by Rexxie and Minotaur Warrior. We can notice the numbers a bigger for the Beta edition, than the Alphas, and that is understandable.

Gold foil


Rexxie on the top from the Gold foil Beta edition with more than 700 cards burnt, followed by Animated Corpse and Spineback Wolf.

PROMO Cards Burnt

The promo cards were exclusive to promotions before but recently Orbs are rewarded for quests and season endings. This can increase the burn rate a bit. Here are the promo charts.

Regular foil


Delwyn Dragonscale, the dragon common magic summoner is no.1 with a high lead before everyone. What is interesting is this is summoner card, and those usually are more valuable. I guess it was just a high supply at once.

Gold foil


From the gold foil promo edition the Molten Ogre is on the top, followed by the Enchanted Defender and the Goblin Chef.

REWARD Cards Burnt

The rewards cards are usually burnt the most. Let’s see their charts.

Regular foil


The numbers for Reward cards burnt are notable higher than the other editions. More than 100k cards burnt for the top ones. Rusty is the champion in this with almost 140k cards burnt. Next is the Undead Minotaur (surprised) and then the Vampire (not surprised). All of them above 100k cards.

Compared to the Alpha edition where the top ones had around 2k burns, the Beta and the Promo with more than 10k burns, the Reward cards are with a massive almost 10X lead.

Gold foil


For the gold foil Reward cards, the Undead Minotaur has taken the lead, just above the Rusty Android. Vampire on the third position here as well.

UNTAMED Cards Burnt

Let’s take a look at the latest edition. The Untamed cards.

Regular foil


Not as high numbers here. The Tortisian Fighter on the top with more than 1500 cards burnt, followed by the Kobold Bruise and the Sniping Narwhal.

Gold foil


For the Gold foil Untamed edition the Magma Troll is on the top with around 350 cards burnt, followed by the Biceratops and the Kobold Bruiser.

Data source:

Disclaimer: Some of the data may be processed incorrectly
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Splinterlands surely is one interesting ecosystem and it’s only going to get better! I mean cards burned are for effiencty since you don’t want to wait to trade! Then DEC is spent and can sort of be pulled out of circulation through building you guild and I’m sure once land and other aspects come in well see more uses!

Sure glad I got in on this at the beginning! I think it could one of the biggest with only really decentraland being able to compete with it

Yes it is! Although I can see a downtrend in the cards burnt, which is nice. Some of the reward cards might be still hit bad, but not as those on the top. Also the top burnt are already 100% printed out.... so will see how it goes. Looks like the focus will be more on DEC... meaning having a nice DEC price will be the key

In general, the worst cards get burnt the most. Interesting that Tortisian Fighter is the least desired Untamed card. I actually think Tortisian Fighter is on the upper end of mediocre Untamed cards... Repair is a potent ability.

In general, the worst cards get burnt the most

Yea usually this is the case .... although those top burnt rewards cards are from early one ... some changes were implemented meanwhile that made some of them more valuable... the Promo common summoner Delwyn Dragonscale when released we still had 32 manna cap .... plus it was airdropped in large quantities .... I remember the price was around 0.04 cents ... that for a summoner is extremely low .... now we have a higher manna cap games, more magic dragon monsters and it price is around 15 cents

The Tortisian Fighter can be useful in only melee ruleset I guess...

So many delwin dragonscale got burned! Is it really that much useless?