The Reliable Exploding Dwarf With Unique Abilities

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Hello my friends and splinterlands lovers. How are you doing today? Splinterlands is getting exciting all the time. New features are being created always to make sure we don't tired of the game.

I want to share one spectacular fire monster with you today which is Exploding dwarf. This monster doesn't suit all battles. The first time I saw it, I was very happy to used it but it doesn't work for me. I lost the battle. Until I went back and read about how this monster function probably.

One of the quality of exploding dwarf is the blast ability that does damage to adjacent monster and also 'piercing' ability. This monster is very effective when Melee mayhem is part of the game rules and all the monsters have the equal number of Health where you can therefore use it as attacking monster.

The monster have helped me won battle in many times. The Melee attack is also interesting. It has five melee attack with high speed which makes it attack faster in the battle. For me, I recommend this monster especially when you are having melee mayhem as the rule.

*Aim True: melee and range attacks always hit their target
*Melee Mayhem: Melee attack monsters can attack in any position.

• Living lava: incredible water monster with unique ability of reducing damages from melee and range attacks but has nothing to do to reduce magic attack. The best position is attack. I used here to delayed from reaching other monsters.

• Cerberus: second monster to lead the battle incase living lava is destroyed. I used this because of the ability to restore health per each round. The melee attack is also interesting with speed of 4 which makes it attack faster.

• Exploding dwarf: I placed the future monster there to hide it from any exploding monsters like itself and sneaky monsters because of one health. With just an attack, it will be destroyed. I really need this monster in this Battle, therefore I have to hide it in a place that will perform its function.

• Creeping Ooze: To reduce the speed of opponent's monsters. Which will allow my monsters to attack first. It really does by reducing one speed from opponent's monsters. It also attacked as the rules permit any monster to attack.

• Sandworm: I used this monster because of its 7 melee attack. With just an attack, seven health has be removed from such monster.

•Furious chicken: just to waste time from reaching sandworm from behind.

PSX_20210116_230216.jpgto view the battle click this link

ROUND 1: the battle was very short because of the presence of exploding dwarf. It was just two rounds. At first round gloridax has been eliminated from the Battle. And you know how gloridax is very powerful. At a moment, when gloridax was down I knew that I would win the battle.

ROUND 2: The rest monsters were destroyed. Sea monster was not given anytime at all. As all the monsters attacked sea monster, it was destroyed. The rest monsters followed it. The battle ended at round 2.


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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

So, you got melee mayhem which is really good for melee monsters.
Well done on the battlefield.
Keep on battling.