I Opened 527 Untamed Cards and i have 51 Golden Cards for Sell

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Greetings, people from @steemmonsters, @battlegames and @steem-ace

Today, exactly now, i opened 527 Untamed cards, so, 527x5= 2.635 Untamed Cards. I won, if i am correctly, 51 golden cards. At this golden cards, 5 were 5 LEGENDARY GOLDEN CARDS. Its very, very nice. My plan is to sell all golden cards that i collect, because i have to pay my bills at real life.

So, give a look at my cards golden cards that i won:






all of this cards have a lot of differences at her prices. Common cards is more cheaper than legendary cards, as you know.

I am selling all of this and you can buy at SteemMonsters website or https://peakmonsters.com/

I wish you all a grand luck and grand game!!!

Have all a nice weekend!!!!

yoda steemmonsters.jpeg


best of luck... prices for untamed are crazy right now... they'll come way down soon.
And peakmonsters.com will have untamed access in a few hours.

thank you, man

Why wouldnt it let me open my packs.... i did a post recently yesterday about it. It said i cant open my packs until the kickstarter ends .... why? Shaidon even tried to send me a card and it was blank

greetings, charming @prettynicevideo

We were able to open our Untamed Packs since yesterday. Some hour of yesterday!!!!!!! If you try to do this now, you will be able to open :D

have a good nighrt