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Disclaimer I am testing out this new tool for the very first time. I've read this tutorialSplinterStats Season Report Card - Update and Tutorial. I may end up messing around please don't downvote my post :P XD

A few days ago when I was curating for splinterlands I stumbled upon a very good post How much $ can I earn by playing Splinterlands? #03. This post by marianaemilia solved the issue of calculating seasonal rewards. I never calculated my season rewards and I stopped posting my season rewards as well. Because I consider it a bit spammy, to be honest. I don't get exceptional rewards so never felt like creating a post on it. But the tool I am going to share is just so amazing. Just by one click, you can see what you did last season.

Match Report


Champion Rank11
Rating4737 - Champion I
Rating High4746
Total Rating Movements (+-)5109
Ranked Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)3.35 (228/66/2)
Tournament Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)2.12 (491/212/20)
Tournament Reward Placements24/32
Longest Streak20
Highest Rated Win vs@bubke (4793)

I was in the top 10 and then village people threw me out from the top 10. As you can see I parked my season at 11th place :P XD. This season my highest rated win was against Bubke one of the hard to defeat players :P XD Last season it was against Jacekw Oh xawi your highest-rated win stat is pretty good :P.

Hehe dang, Look at the top 10 summoner usage. Yodin Zaku is in the first position with 95%. And failed summoner is the most used card. Failed summoner is a 2 mana earth common untamed monster. And yep I love this monster there is nothing surprising at all :P. Ok, last season my total tournaments earning is 131k decs which is not bad I assume.

I play ts-neoxian as well since I can't generate season report card of ts-neoxian separately so I am just checking its report card. Ts-neoxian was in the top 10 and parked its season at 3rd position. Got 50 untamed packs and the highest-rated win is against shoemanchu. The most used summoner is again Yodin Zaku and the most used card is failed summoner :P XD. Total tournaments earning is 147k decs. 147k decs in 15 days not so bad :)

Top 10 Summoner Usage

SummonerFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Yodin Zaku9519.04%73.68%
Selenia Sky418.22%58.54%
Mylor Crowling367.21%75.00%
Prince Rennyn336.61%72.73%
Lorna Shine306.01%63.33%
Owster Rotwell244.81%91.67%
Scarred Llama Mage244.81%79.17%
Brighton Bloom193.81%84.21%
Archmage Arius183.61%66.67%

Don't judge me over Yodin Zaku I guess Yodin Zaku is the most used summoner of splinterlands. I am not the only one using it:P

Top 100 Monster Usage

MonsterFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Failed Summoner10621.24%80.19%
Furious Chicken9018.04%77.78%
Tower Griffin7915.83%74.68%
Khmer Princess7314.63%82.19%
Spark Pixies6713.43%73.13%
Ruler of the Seas6312.63%61.90%
Crustacean King6312.63%65.08%
Swamp Thing6112.22%77.05%
Lord Arianthus6012.02%66.67%
Spirit of the Forest6012.02%76.67%
Screeching Vulture5911.82%79.66%
Kelp Initiate5911.82%67.80%
Living Lava499.82%71.43%
Halfling Alchemist448.82%79.55%
Prismatic Energy428.42%69.05%
Dragon Jumper408.02%72.50%
Ice Pixie387.62%65.79%
Serpentine Spy387.62%71.05%
Earth Elemental377.41%70.27%
Spirit Miner367.21%63.89%
Scale Doctor346.81%76.47%
Creeping Ooze346.81%58.82%
Battering Ram336.61%72.73%
Mermaid Healer295.81%58.62%
Naga Warrior295.81%68.97%
Goblin Shaman285.61%67.86%
Flame Monkey275.41%74.07%
The Kraken265.21%73.08%
Shadowy Presence265.21%88.46%
Elven Mystic255.01%68.00%
Feral Spirit255.01%72.00%
Darkest Mage244.81%75.00%
Cursed Slimeball244.81%79.17%
Gelatinous Cube234.61%78.26%
Serpentine Soldier234.61%60.87%
Tortisian Chief224.41%63.64%
Gold Dragon204.01%55.00%
Undead Priest204.01%90.00%
Elemental Phoenix204.01%60.00%
Onyx Sentinel193.81%73.68%
Divine Healer193.81%47.37%
Angel of Light193.81%68.42%
Flame Imp183.61%72.22%
Pirate Archer183.61%83.33%
Death Elemental183.61%77.78%
Silvershield Bard183.61%66.67%
Zalran Efreet173.41%82.35%
Lord of Fire173.41%76.47%
Goblin Fireballer163.21%68.75%
Parasitic Growth163.21%62.50%
Goblin Dartling163.21%68.75%
Undead Badger153.01%80.00%
Elven Cutthroat153.01%80.00%
Ant Miners153.01%80.00%
Sand Worm153.01%73.33%
Flesh Golem142.81%64.29%
Phantom of the Abyss142.81%57.14%
Corrupted Pegasus142.81%64.29%
Javelin Thrower132.61%61.54%
Enchanted Pixie132.61%76.92%
Frost Lion122.40%58.33%
Child of the Forest122.40%91.67%
Crystal Werewolf122.40%83.33%
Magi of the Forest122.40%66.67%
Fire Beetle122.40%75.00%
Robo-Dragon Knight122.40%58.33%
Sea Genie122.40%75.00%
Ferexia General112.20%72.73%
Silvershield Paladin112.20%54.55%
Lord of Darkness112.20%63.64%
Defender of Truth112.20%72.73%
Horny Toad102.00%60.00%
Enchanted Defender102.00%60.00%
War Chaang102.00%60.00%
Fiendish Harpy102.00%80.00%
Mitica Headhunter102.00%70.00%
Dwarven Wizard102.00%80.00%
Goblin Sorcerer102.00%90.00%
Stone Golem102.00%80.00%
Gloridax Guardian102.00%50.00%
Chain Golem91.80%55.56%
Fineas Rage91.80%77.78%
Imp Bowman91.80%55.56%
Dark Ha'on91.80%66.67%
Phantom Soldier81.60%75.00%

Ok yes, the Failed summoner is topping here. This 2 mana monster is too good to ignore. No matter what I try to adjust in my all battles I play with earth splinter :P XD

Win Rate by Ruleset

RulesetFrequencyWin Rate
Holy Protection5280.77%
Reverse Speed5176.47%
Explosive Weaponry5072.00%
Close Range4671.74%
Heavy Hitters4381.40%
Healed Out4278.57%
Spreading Fury4165.85%
Noxious Fumes4077.50%
Armored Up3268.75%
Odd Ones Out3161.29%
Back to Basics3066.67%
Keep Your Distance2777.78%
Lost Legendaries2568.00%
Silenced Summoners2564.00%
Rise of the Commons2454.17%
Super Sneak2470.83%
Taking Sides2487.50%
Broken Arrows2250.00%
Equal Opportunity2277.27%
Little League2286.36%
Aim True2075.00%
Even Stevens1973.68%
Lost Magic1957.89%
Up Close & Personal1850.00%
Fog of War1662.50%
Melee Mayhem1668.75%
Weak Magic1580.00%
Target Practice1478.57%

LOLz earthquake? for real? I hate this rule and look at the win rate:P Man this world is round Xd

Tournaments Report


TournamentLeagueEditionsPlacement/#entrantsRatio (Win/Loss+Draw)Prize
ALL THE POINTY THINGSGoldOpen25/1622.33 (14/6/0)1200 DEC
GOLD A-GAMEGoldA23/420.67 (4/6/0)400 DEC
LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONSDiamondOpen4/632.80 (14/3/2)18000 DEC
LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONSDiamondOpen4/632.80 (14/3/2)18000 DEC
LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONSDiamondOpen4/632.80 (14/3/2)18000 DEC
Blazar BrawlBronzeOpen101/3001.80 (9/5/0)25 DEC
DIAMONDS TO THE VICTORDiamondOpen5/1184.50 (18/4/0)12000 DEC
ALL THE POINTY THINGSGoldOpen23/1892.50 (15/6/0)1200 DEC
DIAMONDS TO THE VICTORDiamondOpen11/1153.40 (17/5/0)8000 DEC
DIAMOND A-GAMEDiamondA20/451.00 (9/8/1)500 DEC
ALL THE POINTY THINGSGoldOpen24/1772.14 (15/7/0)1200 DEC
DIAMONDS TO THE VICTORDiamondOpen9/1162.67 (16/5/1)8000 DEC
LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONSDiamondOpen23/681.75 (7/4/0)4500 DEC
GOLD A-GAMEGoldA6/492.33 (14/5/1)1800 DEC
UNTAMED LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONSDiamondUD26/561.20 (6/5/0)900 DEC
ALL THE POINTY THINGSGoldOpen21/1892.50 (15/6/0)1200 DEC
ALL THE POINTY THINGSGoldOpen25/1882.50 (15/6/0)1200 DEC
DIAMONDS TO THE VICTORDiamondOpen16/1092.00 (14/7/0)8000 DEC
DIAMONDS TO THE VICTORDiamondOpen2/895.33 (16/2/1)15000 DEC
LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONSDiamondOpen20/541.50 (6/4/0)4500 DEC
DIAMOND A-GAMEDiamondA10/401.38 (11/8/0)2500 DEC
ALL THE POINTY THINGSGoldOpen12/2013.20 (16/5/0)3000 DEC



I Like the results of my tournament. 131k decs in just one season I don't think its bad.

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Total Standard1393170
Gold Foil Cards
Total Gold43500

Loot Chests

Reward ChestsDailiesSeasonTotal💲DEC💲
Legendary Potions5022722880
Alchemy Potions3822603000
UNTAMED Packs51612000
Cards (Total)94491436670

Captured DEC (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsDEC Earned

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
52331 DEC

I guess if you are a splinter Nerd you should try this out. I find this tool super amazing and it made things very clear and easy for the players. Thanks, @kiokizz for making things easy for splinterlands players.

Posted using SplinterStats Season Report Card.
This once a season tool for Splinterlands players provides a template to reflect on and share their performance, card usage statistics and rewards summary for the season. More features will be released in the future.
Follow @splinterstats and come visit us in Discord if you have any questions.

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Because I consider it a bit spammy, to be honest.

Seeing lots of 'spam' posts was part of my original motivation for making the tool. Thanks for giving it a try. Haven't seem many top players using it 🤔

What would the game look like without Zaku 😂

yea thank you so much for such an amazing tool. I don't know why other top players not using it but I am in love with tool. Every season I am going to use it.

Great statz. What a monster player you are 👾👹

heheh thanks

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