My "3 Steps" To Increasing My earnings daily on the blockchain.

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^^ Feels good to see an account grow like that.

My "3 steps" approach to increasing Hive

I take three simple steps to grow my account, and as you can tell from above, it works:

1. Create original content, then convert 2nd layer token rewards and stake.

Probably one of the best ways is I create original content and stake the hive rewards. This works if you can connect with the right tribe and use the right tags. (Okay, Okay, I won't go over tags again, since you can read the last few posts I made.)

By creating content that people enjoy, you get upvotes. Reread that last sentence.... content. Check. "that people enjoy." = you need to write material that your audience enjoys and will hopefully interact with via comment or upvote.

That's right. Work on writing great material, and the incoming votes and comments will happen.

Seven days after you write something new, you'll get the rewards for it. Nice!

Some of this may be Hive, HBD, or Hive Power. That stuff's great., You can immediately stake the hive into Hive Power, and sell off the HBD into Hive and stake it too. It all depends on your goals.

Better yet some of the rewards are going to be second layer tokens (like CTP, LEO, ALIVE, PoB, etc.).

These can be staked or you can sell them on Hive-Engine for swap.hive then deposit that into your account and stake it too. I value some of these second layer tokens so I stake them too. Especially CTP and ALIVE. I love those two.

2. Upvote and Comment on the efforts of others.

Wow. OK, so this is one I've recently started working on myself. Previously, I'd leave a reply on any comments on my own posts, but I wasn't going out looking for a lot of new stuff to upvote.

Well that's changed. I've started using to create a few folks on Fanbase that I will auto-upvote, since I know they will create great stuff.

I also spend time browsing communities I like and upvoting content that way. Leaving comments on other people's stuff in the communities you like is yet another way to increase your earnings since people upvote comments too.

3. Sell off tokens I don't have a use case for and stake the Hive.

This one is rather simple, but it also works well. Sometimes I get tokens that I don't use as rewards for my posts. I'll let these accumulate until I have a small amount, then when I notice the market go up for that token I'll sell it.

This isn't the same as the intentional usage of tags to earn tokens. I mean the random tokens you get from people using !pizza, etc. These are great, but I don't keep them. I sell these off and convert them to Hive, since I figure people appreciate my upvote more if I have more HP. :)

This has really netted me some additional Hive.

My current results and #myhivegoals

Currently my Hive is at 285.714 HP.

OK, so here's me bringing back my old #myhivegoals tag. @ph1102 will appreciate this
(For those of you who want to read the origins of when I started this, check out this link.)

Since I have 285 currently, let's shoot for 500 HP by the end of December.

That's an increase of 215 Hive before the end of the year. There's 99 days left in the year after today, so let's do some averaging and that means I need to raise ~2.15 HP per day. Doable. Let me get working on that. :)

I'll work on posting one of these every few days, but I don't want this to get nearly as complicated as I made the last one. I have enough on my plate. I'll just post my Hive goals and call it a day.

How do YOU increase your Hive Power? Leave a comment!

Let me know how you increase your own Hive Power. I spelled out most of my methods above yet I kept a couple items up my sleeve for another post.

With that said leave a comment. I'd love to know what works.

For those of you who use #leofinance or #splintertalk, you can use these same techniques even with second layer tokens. Just sell off other tokens and convert them into the one you love and stake it. Good way to raise spt and leo if you ask me.

Peace and Love,


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May be easier to tell you what I keep and stake. :)
I stake: CTP, PoB, LEO, STP.
I stake 1/2 of the ALIVE, NEOXAG, ARCHON I receive and sell the other 1/2.
I sell everything else except my CTPSB (because @ctpsb is awesome) and my INDEX tokens. I keep these two.
Everything else I save up a little of it then sell it off.


I totally agree with you about CTPSB :-)


Your strategies seem sound. I've been staking all the tokens that I can (even if I have no idea what they are) inside Hive-Engine. I have yet to do research on the tokens that are beyond the obvious which is why I haven't taken any action except staking. I figure I need to do some research on these alt tokens to learn about their potential uses (or not).

Your account growth chart had me taking a look at my own.
@shinyobjects hive account growth screenshot.jpg
In July I began to dig a bit more into HIVE and then in September I launched a personal challenge to really dive all into the space. To learn it, create content, engage with others in the space, etc. The results speak for themselves. The month isn't over yet and I already know this challenge was a success.

I plan to devote even more time to content creation and engagement on HIVE going forward. I expect 2022 will be a breakout year for the ecosystem and I plan to be part of the wave. Cheers!