My view on actifit is shifting

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It is no secret that that actifit and dlike get mentioned pretty regular if you read about shitposts.

I did not like both but after some thinking I am warming up to actifit and I want to explain my reasons.


It is true many of the posts are not really what I would consider quality content. But I think actifit is not the right tool for that or claims to produce quality content.

You get off your lazy ass, do some exercise and get rewarded in magic internet money or how we call them tokens while thriving for a more healthy lifestyle.

That is actually pretty good and maybe for some sometimes the motivation they need to get up.

I can totally understand if it feels something is out of balance if you write 2 hours for your post and get the same votes than someone who posts his report card which shows 100 steps he did while going to the toilet.


Is this fair?

Not really. But also what is fair? We have now some community guidlines and since the day I am here half the community is fighting against excessive self and especially comment voting while the other half was doing it.

When I started that post I actually wanted to make a milestone post that I now stake 3 million SPORTS.

While those are mine they belong in someway also the community as it decides what is fair voting and what is not accepted. The last word has the owner of this tribe anyway as bad actors can be excluded from the network.
Does the community allow me 1, 2, or 6 self votes a day? Does it have to be a masterpiece all the time?

But I am starting to ramble again...


Fact is there are good actifit posts and there are some to farm rewards. In one of the better actifit posts went actually work in form of some exercise. If this gets someone a bit fitter I am more than fine with "a proof of brain farming" and "a proof of exercise farming".

There will be ones which makes it engaging and fun to follow like reading the diary of your little sister and there will be ones which will be boring.

Some posts will have a higher payout compared to others because the author holds more tokens or is here a long time and is a valued community member and I see that as not perfect but fine and it kind of comes back to the question what your stake entitles you to do.


It’s embarrassing, the payout on my actifit posts. And also annoying, that I feel I have to add more to the post to warrant the support it gets.

All these people doing 10km a day are making more effort than someone posting a paragraph multiple times a day, and so I am far more pro actifit than dshite.

dlike is and stays shit as far as I can tell.

actifit I kind of starting to like.

Yes, that is kind of a "problem". A 10km run is way harder for me than writing my shitposts and I doubt I would have much energy left to make a nice looking shitpost out of it to say "look how nice my post is"

I would say on Sportstalk we can have kind of 3 kinds of mining. Proof of brain, excercise and stake but tough to find a balance between those

It's like in real life - some people are more popular than others. No matter what they do or not do :)

Steem / actifit / dlike it's not utopia. It's a spitting image of real life.

We can all decide to stay here and post and read and vote or just leave. In the end, everything in our life is our choice and our responsibility.

so true, Some want to drag others down rather then take a note imho and others will want to lift others up and everything in between. ABH is well known and makes good content and from what I see calls a spade a spade so I guess he'll unfortunately have to embrace his inner rockstar steemit status ;)


He totally deserves this status.

Thank you :D :D

haha, thanks!

!BEER for your overall efforts

Doing all The Tough Exercise and Walk or Run I think what Matter is Your HEALTH Most and Doesn't Need to be Counted and Get Rewarded. So Exercise for Yourself and SET to PC for Posts to Earn..... !!

Of course for yourself as well but why not both?

Support your sports post (by SPORTS Token and MARLIANS Token)
From @hertz300

支持你的贴子(by MARLIANS)

This is true and I agree with this. Actifit posts are something we might want to consider since this only focus on activity.

When you do sports, you also engage in an activity which can then be evaluated that Actifit = Sportstalk, but some Sportstalk posts are actifit so it's considerable.

Since referees are introduced and a lot has been fighting against abuse, I believe Actifit gets a benefit of that. Poor actifit posts are downvoted anyway.

you are using 100% upvote for your posts and downvotes mine why?

I downvoted your comment which was upvoted by yourself if I recall right

Alright so I upvoted my own comment. Fair!
But how is this comment allowed to vote by the author and nobody is saying nothing. Why you didn't downvote this comment?

See this comment and if you have the guts then downvote him. I know you'll never do that.

a) you were flagged by a refere account and I try to do some downvoting according what they flag

b) I am pretty sure the upvote was done for visibilty becasue there were many comments so you can see the most important

c) just for you I removed the upvote patrick put on that comment

d) just dont upvote your own shitty comments and produce content instead of wasting time hunting for examples

e) show me that you have guts and stop bitching

f) I wasted way too much time for that

g) how are you?

h) I know you will never answer my questions :-(

i) don`t do shady stuff and waste your time to justify your shady stuff

Alright. I understood. I think you are right. I will take care next time.

one more thing....

Alright so I upvoted my own comment. Fair!

nope!! not fair!! pretty shit actually

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I request better post than dlike sir than I upvote

I guess he didn't really read your post did he @flipstar.sports. I use actifit and the one thing I really dislike about it is how it almost always takes the new page completely over when I'm searching for new content.