Splinterlands Card Giveaway Day #008(Beetle Queen)

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Hello Splinters!

Welcome to my daily giveaway post, sorry for this delay of card distribution and next giveaway, today is the 8th day of my daily #spliterland card giveaway contest. If you are interested in free card then join me , this giveaway running in both #Steemit and #Hive platform, that means you can win upto two #Splinterlands card daily

Day #007 Winner :- @carrieallen Congratulation

barking spider.png

hive 7 winner.png


If you still a non player join now Splinterlands

Today is the 8th day of this giveaway

Everyday or the following day whenever i am complete my daily quest their will be two Splinterlands card giveaway one in #Steemit and other in #Hive , feel free to join just leave a comment

From today's quest i received

quest 11.png

Screeching Vulture 1

Undead Rexx 1

Barking Spider 1

Beetle Queen 1

Today's winner will get "Beetle Queen"

beetal queen.png


Splinterlands Daily Quest Giveaway Rules:-

  1. leave a comment on this post
  2. If you are using different account for steemit then add your #Splinterlands username in your comment
  3. Do not use any Bot to upvote your comment
  4. Do not send multiple comment

About Prize Pool

1st to 6th day of every week winner will receive most costly card whichever i will receive from daily quest of Splinterlands.
7th day winner will receive One Gold Foil Card
30th day winner will receive One Legendary Card

The winner will chosen by random comment picker http://picker.steemify.me

hive comment.png

If you are a non player join now Splinterlands

**This round will continue until my next giveaway post, I will announce winner name tomorrow in my next giveaway post **


Stay safe stay tune

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I am in!

I'm in!

beetle queen is good when upgraded

What?! I won! That's crazy!

Thank you! 🥰@carrieallen

(no need to enter me this time🥰)

I am in

I'm in for this!

!hw ban
Account belongs to identity thief.

Banned @arindammroy.

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