Splinterlands - 3 achievements today

in #spt11 months ago

Today I had a wonderful progress in the game. I have achieved 3 things. When I started playing the game, I did not expect that I will be able to make a good progress to Gold I league. But to my surprise I was able to easily win 4 battles continuously and reach Gold I league. I call that as first achievement.


In my yesterday's article I mentioned that 2500 was my highest rating so far and this season I should some how try and break that to go even further towards the next league. Today that was also achieved. I was able to go beyond 2500 rating and reach a value of 2579. I would call that as my second achievement.


It is always fun to break our own records. I guess most of the successful people did it that way. They did not have others as their comparison point but instead have their own records as a Target and work towards breaking their previous achievement. I admire that thought and I always set targets for me that way. Comparing with others will not end up fruitful all the time because capacity differs from one person to another and also situations and circumstances.


Okay now to my third achievement for the day. Yesterday I was holding on to my daily quest. I was waiting to reach next league so that I can complete the daily quest and get better rewards. Today I was also able to do that. As soon as I reached Gold I league, I just played two additional games to complete the daily quest. The quest rewards were not very great but good that I received some additional cards.