Splinterlands - Flawless victory in daily quest and received Essence Orb once again

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When I started playing splinterlands today, the quest I got was Life splinter. I didn't want to continue playing with Life Splinter. I know for the fact that at this level it can be difficult to complete the quest with life splinter because my summoner level is very low. I wanted to refresh the quest. Upon refreshing, I received the rule where I have to win 3 games without neutral monsters. This was again one of the toughest daily quest rules.

I did manage to try winning some games. To my surprise, it was a flawless victory. I was able to easily win 3 games continuously with no neutral monsters in it. I was also very cautious about the ratings. I did not want to mess up my rating or bring it low. So in between the try, I also played some normal games with neutral monsters in it to just keep the racing stable. Good that it was 6 games in a row that pushed me towards completion of the daily quest as well as near next league.

I received portions and DEC from the quest reward. It was not very great. But to my surprise, I also received an Essence orb again from the quest rewards. This is my second Essence orb in this season. Before opening the quest reward maybe I should have tried playing one more game to reach the Diamond III league but I missed that. I ended up opening the quest rewards when my rating was 2773.

After opening the quest reward, I also wanted to open the Essence Orb that I received from the loot chests. I received the above cards from the Essence Orb. I was looking forward to seeing some legendary cards from the Essence Orb but it did not happen in spite of using all portions. But I also had some portions for trying to get Gold Foil cards. One of the cards was a Gold Foil card which is very good.

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