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in spt •  5 months ago 

Like I always say, it is so much fun to play with Water splinter. I still remember that during my early days of Steemmonsters game, I used to avoid Water splinter because I was not good with it. One good advantage was, Water splinter is always good for low speed games in lower level cards. As the cards upgrade, they are really good for higher level leagues.


I have to definitely say that my Water deck became powerful only after the entry of Ruler of Seas gold foil legendary card. The price of the card is around 100$ now and I'm really fortunate to receive that card. I don't fear to play with water splinter these days because of that card. I also received suggestions to sell that card in the market and go with normal Ruler of Seas card. But I don't feel like doing it and I somehow felt that my progress might get affected because of that.


I received the above rewards from today's quest. Though they are just normal cards and nothing special about the winning, I'm happy to receive them because every card counts. I will be able to soon upgrade all my Decks to a better level and then focus on buying more summoners.

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